Top Tips For Using Topsoil In The Springtime

We are finally started to see the end of this dark and gloomy winter weather. With the evenings getting longer and the temperature starting to creep up a couple of degrees day by day our minds are instantly drawn to the optimism this springtime holds. Its that time of the year when the garden bursts with colour and the natural wildlife crawl out of their winter home and start to come alive. Everything around us seems to just come out of the dormant state to soak up the beautiful sunlight that this time of the year holds. 

What better way to kickstart the spring than with an exciting landscaping project. Give your garden the love it needs after a harsh winter and bring the space back to life. In this blog post, we aim to help give all garden lovers some great tips and tricks when it comes to using topsoil within their project.

Choosing A Reputable Topsoil Company

Let’s start at the top. Finding the right topsoil in Bristol is the single most important task. Often the soil you chose will determine the success of your entire landscaping project. Whether you’re growing some fresh herbs within your garden or a new tree, you must always take the time to ensure the soil you chose is the best available. Never pick up the first bag you see in the local gardening store, do some research online and order form a local company with a great reputation for supplying quality products. 

Choosing a reputable supplier will not only help guarantee quality but it will also ensure that the topsoil is responsibly sourced. Topsoil is a very important part of the ecosystem as its the area of the soil which holds the most of the nutrients. If this soil is not responsibly souced it could be causing a detrimental impact on another area of land. 

Applying Toposil To Your Garden

When using topsoil within a garden or allotment you must follow a few simple steps. First, make sure that you check the weather forecast. Try and chose a day which is not too hot which is followed by a few days of rain. This will help to ensure your topsoil settles well and any fresh plants get the water needed to grow. Next, try your absolute best to give your garden space and even spread of soil followed by a generous offering of seeds. Now you have given your garden the foundations to a successful landscaping project its now a case of leaving it to flourish. 

Maintaining Your Garden Space  

After applying a new layer of topsoil to your garden the coming weeks are so very important for ensuring the successful growth of your new plants. Spend 10/15 minutes per day to give your soil good watering. (As long as there has not been too much rain) This ensures the soil is soaked properly but without waterlogging the area of land. This not only helps the health of the soil but it also enables your seeds to bed their roots in and starts the growing process. Frequently testing the soil’s PH level regularly is also a great way to ensure you keep your soil as healthy as possible in these early weeks. 

Choosing The Right Plants For The Garden

If you are relatively new to gardening do not try to take on a project that you know is going to be too challenging. Many homeowners like myself do not have the time to water the plants every day so it’s important that you chose a low maintenance plant such as Lavender, Hydrangeas and Topiary. By selecting plants that are easy to grown ensures that you are not setting yourself up for failure. Topsoils are an incredible gardening resource that everyone should have in their shed but there is only so much soil can do for your plants, at the end of the day it comes down to the care you put in. 

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