How to bring minimalism into your home

Clean, functional and bright. That’s what a minimalist interior is – only what you need and love, and nothing more. If this sounds ideal, and you’re looking for a home where you won’t feel overwhelmed, then this style is tailor-made for you.

Go for neutral colours

Sophisticated design and functionality are the cornerstones of minimalism. But equally important is the choice of colours. Neutral shades are what make minimalist interiors feel free and harmonious! Try decorating your living room in these tones to give it a lighter feel. Don’t limit it to the walls, include textiles such as blankets, cushions and/or curtains in soft and neutral shades. If you need a bit of brightness, you can add it with one stand-out colourful rug or a large painting.

How to bring minimalism into your home

Less is more

The old adage ‘less is more’ is key to minimalist interiors. So, get rid of furniture that you no longer have a practical use for and is unnecessarily cluttering up the space in your room. Try to be as strict as possible! This is especially true for small rooms such as the bathroom, hallway or bedroom. Only fill the space with the furniture you really need. In terms of materials: wood, glass, leather or metal are typical for minimalist style. Quality is key, too – only choose furniture made of good materials, and consider investing. If you have less furniture, you can afford to spend a little more on something really high quality that will stand the test of time!

Decorate cleverly

Although minimalist interiors often have minimal decoration, they don’t have to be boring. Go for one of two accessories that really stand out and add personality to the room. In fact, the fewer decorations there are in a room, the more attention they will attract. You can decorate the walls with an interesting painting, an empty corner with a designer lamp and a chest of drawers with designer statues.

How to bring minimalism into your home

A touch of green suits minimalism

Greenery makes a great contrast with neutral tones – perhaps that’s why houseplants are the decor of choice for most minimalists. Place the larger flowers on their own, or put the smaller ones on a stand. Remember to coordinate the pots – a mix of colours will clutter the space. Terracotta, white, or grey tones are best.

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