Wall decor alternatives to mirrors and pictures

plan-wall-tile-layoutThere is no doubt that a well chosen and well placed picture or mirror can add a certain je ne sais quoi to your wall. Mirrors can give the impression of space, whilst pictures have an unlimited ability to add colour, tone and mood to a room. However, have you ever considered the alternatives? Choosing something a little more quirky to decorate your walls with can add a different dimension. Here are some interesting alternative wall decor ideas for the times when you feel that a mirror or a picture just won’t cut it.


You can’t go wrong with a clock. The beauty of clocks is that they come in any colour, size or style. From traditional Roman numerals to a modern and funky digital design you can pick a clock to suit your room and taste, and of course they have a practical use to! There are many stylish high street clocks as well as beautiful and unique designer pieces to choose from. These can be small and discreet or large enough to fill a wall. The choice is yours but there is a clock to suit everyone.


Your instinct maybe that taxidermy is morbid but you don’t have to have a real thing. While some people may enjoy the rustic feel of antique taxidermy, the chances are that most people would prefer the environmentally friendly alternative of faux taxidermy. You can have a lot of fun with wood, paper and ceramics to design the perfect figure head to add a playful touch to your room. The 3D effect of faux taxidermy adds another dimension to an otherwise flat wall. As well as stag or cattle head, faux birds are also having a moment and if done tastefully, can give a sense of bringing nature inside.


There is no getting away from the fact that tapestry screams luxury, elegance and sophistication. It adds texture and colour to a wall. There are many beautiful vintage and contemporary designs that are great for filling big empty walls. Smaller tapestries can also be framed to add a touch of class to a cosy nook. The fabric of a tapestry can add warmth to a room as well.


If you love plants and enjoy adding foliage to your room but have limited space to display them then wall planters could be the way forward for you. There is a trend towards bringing the outside in and creating a greener spaces inside. Wall-mounted planters are the perfect solution to this. There are a growing number of fantastic contemporary designs available, from geometric shapes to glass, brass or bright colours. Fill your home with elegant wall planters and create a calming oasis to relax in.

Other lovely ideas for filling your walls includes carefully selected bunting to compliment the style of your home and displaying an eclectic selection of different sized, shaped and designed plates to give a pop of colour to your walls.

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