Why Are Londoners Moving To The Home Counties?

Find out more about the growing trend of Londoners moving to the Home Counties, and consider whether it could be a move worthwhile for you.

London has long been a draw for people all over the globe, but recently more and more Londoners have found themselves drawn away from the chaos and instead opting to buy a property in the Home Counties.

What is causing this big migration? Is it something more Londoners should consider doing?

Let’s take a closer look at the driving force behind this growing trend, and explore the benefits and challenges of this choice:

First Things First: Where Are The Home Counties?

The Home Counties are generally considered to be Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent and Surrey. Sometimes Sussex, Hampshire and Bedfordshire are also titled as Home Counties. They are called Home Counties because they sit next to London, and they cover a huge amount of land containing masses of history, nature, culture and more, not to mention excellent transport networks and quick access to London.

St-Albans - town centre view of this home counties gem

Why Are Londoners Moving To The Home Counties?

There are lots of reasons Londoners are leaving the capital behind and choosing the Home Counties to be their home, including some of the following:

The Work/Life Balance Conundrum

Life in London is so fast and chaotic, even if you are used to the city. It costs a lot of money to live there, and the work/life balance can be almost impossible to achieve when you are based within the city as a resident. London has even been rated as one of the worst cities for work-life balance, it is that well known for this problem amongst residents. As a result, Londoners are increasingly turning to the Home Counties as a place to call home, where the city is still within easy reach by rail, but there is an escape from the urban hustle and bustle, and instead hometime means a more relaxed pace of life.

Embracing Nature

Nature is known to help us feel more calm, joyful and creative. It is also known to benefit our physical health, too, both directly through exercise, and through the impact of feeling calmer overall. The Home Counties are bursting with natural scenery. Lush forests, rolling hills, wetlands, coastline – they have it all. Londoners want a taste of the natural life away from London, and the Home Counties means getting that dose of open space whilst still being within easy reach of London.

The Soaring Property Prices In London

Virginia Water in Surrey is the most expensive place to live in the Home Counties. A house costs around £1.6 million on average, which is no small amount for many people. However, the cost gets you access to London, and an exceptional quality of life. This is compared to the same amount for a much smaller place in London (depending on location) which is also far from the same amenities and natural space. Quite simply, people want to put their money down on somewhere that gives them the best of both worlds and although there are some houses in London with their own green spaces, the price to get one is beyond most peoples budget.

roses around front door of cottage

Starting A Family

Many people raise families in London happily and with access to amazing schools and the playground of the city. However, it just isn’t the kind of life many people imagined for their children. Some people want somewhere a little calmer, or a little more in the countryside than in London. However, they may still be tethered to the capital because of work, which is how the Home Counties enable people to raise a family in the way they want, whilst also keeping them connected to their work with ease.

Commuting With Ease

The Home Counties can offer incredible commuting times, so you can enjoy your beautiful life in the countryside without having to sacrifice hours in the car or on the train everyday getting to and from work. You can get to London in less than half an hour from Welwyn North, Hertfordshire, Denham and Iver in Buckinghamshire, Twyford and Furze Platt in Berkshire, and Gatwick Airport in West Sussex. Many more stations offer a commute less than an hour long.

A Sense Of Community

The Home Counties are known for offering a sense of community you just don’t get in London. Many villages and towns have a strong sense of community where people know each other, businesses are thriving, and there is a supportive and welcoming atmosphere. This is a significant draw for people who might struggle with the loneliness common amongst Londoners.

Lifestyle Flexibility

Choosing to move to the Home Counties means an incredible opportunity to cultivate the kind of life you really want. You can enjoy the dining, culture and history offered by the Home Counties and London with ease, so you can truly create the life that you want, rather than being ruled by the tethers of a living situation that offers limited lifestyle opportunities.

Pursuing Quality Of Life Post Pandemic

Many Londoners chose to look at moving to the Home Counties for better surroundings after the pandemic lockdowns. This is because we all realised how important it was to make a move to a better quality of life sooner rather than later. People suffocated by lockdowns in London felt they wanted a better life. Cornwall had a 140% increase in property searches at one point during the pandemic. However, for those unable to make the move all the way down South, the Home Counties is a really great option. Lots of countryside, various different types of property, great schools – it was the closest way for Londoners to escape the big smoke without being too far away from all the action.

Is The Home Counties In Your Future Plans?

Moving to the Home Counties is a fantastic option for many Londoners who want to move from London without losing easy access to the city. With great schools, local self storage, countryside galore and more, anybody making the move to these beautiful counties is sure to enjoy a wonderful new life with great work/ life balance and all the greatness that comes with easy access to the hustle and bustle of the capital.

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