How To Include Antiques In A Modern Design Aesthetic

Find out the best tips to include antiques in a modern design aesthetic for a seamless design to suit the entire family.

If you have recently decorated your home into a new modern design, or you’ve moved into a modern house, you might be wondering where on earth your antiques are going to fit in. Antiques are classic and beautiful, and made in times gone by, how can they possibly fit in to a cutting edge interior?

using antiques in a modern design

If you are in this situation, and you want a little bit of help, we’ve got some great tips to help you include your antiques in a modern design aesthetic:

Have An Antiques Section

Sometimes antiques can work in a particular ‘area’ rather than being placed throughout the whole room. A few on a desk or, a few on a shelf could be a really good visual feature without overwhelming the entire space.

Stick with the rule of ‘groups of three’ if you can, to help ensure that the look is balanced. The mantelpiece, fireplace, bookshelf or office desk, are all great areas for antiques.

Usability Refreshes The Purpose Of Antiques

Antiques that are ‘display only’ can be stagnant and actively age the item, because it is something to be looked at only. To refresh your use of antiques, consider choosing pieces that still have a practical use, like clocks, rugs and chairs.

Antiques that are being given a new lease of life, being used and enjoyed, are a fantastic appreciation of the craftsmanship and care that went into making them.


Stick To A Colour Theme

Linking colours together always works well in interior design. The same goes for linking antiques with other items that are more modern. Tones, shades and colours can all work together in one spot regardless of the age of the pieces. If you feel the look is missing something, play with textures to add some depth and interest.

Take Advantage Of Timeless

Some materials or looks are timeless regardless of their age. Strong natural, neutral materials like leather always look beautiful and are very easy to compliment with accessories that match. An old leather chair can easily sit in a corner with more modern soft furnishings and additional pieces.

Leather is also a neutral tone that enables you to add more playful patterns and colours to the rest of the space, without the overall theme being overwhelmed by the older pieces.

If All Else Fails…

If all else fails, it might be worth putting your precious pieces into cheap self storage until you’re in a position to display them again. In a safe, dry cheap self storage unit those antiques should only grow in value, or at least keep their value. You can then take them out again when you get a new home or, find the perfect spot for your favourite vintage possessions.

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    […] be the perfect choice. The materials and craft involved in making these older items mean that antiques can add a timeless elegance to a very practical room. The items are also durable and hardwearing, ideal when you need to rely […]

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