Conservatory or Extension – Which is Best for Your Home?

No matter how much room you think you have in your home there can come a point, especially as your family grows, when it can feel like you simply don’t have enough space. Moving is, of course, one option, although a somewhat drastic one. It can really provide you with more space for your family. But, if you are happy in your current property do you really want to move?

Luckily for many people who love the area and the home they have, there are other alternatives to the issue of space. These are certainly worth looking into. The big question, of course, is a conservatory or extension best suited to your home?

What about a conservatory?

It wasn’t too long ago that a conservatory was mainly considered as an option for those people looking to create extra space in their home. Space in which they could sit and enjoy looking across their gardens whilst enjoying the nice weather outside. But there was a downside to this type of conservatory. That is; the limited timeframe in which this extra space could, in fact, be enjoyed. They were either bitterly cold in the winter or baking hot in the summer.

However, thanks to significant improvements in the way in which conservatories are now built this is no longer the problem it was. Newer conservatories benefit from light tiled rooves, rather than glass or polycarbonate. This means that they stay warmer in the winter and are cooler in the summer making them a good use of space all year round. Of course, they still benefit from the larger expanses of windows that you would associate with a conservatory.

For many families, a conservatory is a great choice if you are looking to create space for children to play, expand the family living room or even create a bigger kitchen dinner as they are a great place to have your dining table.

And an extension?

Extensions tend to be bigger structures that often add an extra room onto a home rather than expanding the space of a current one. Unlike conservatories, the walls are mostly brick with just one window. Much like any other room in your home. It is quite common for people to create a single storey extension at the back of their homes that runs the entire width of the building. Or, to build a two-storey extension offering extra space both on the ground floor and the first floor.

An extension is ideal if you are looking to add extra bedroom space onto your home, or even create an additional bathroom. If you compare the costs of building an extension against the costs of moving to a bigger property, this can be a much more cost-effective way of creating the space your family need.

Ultimately the choice of extension or conservatory is really down to the purpose that the extra space will play and of course your budget.

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