Sell Your House Fast With These Home Staging Tactics

Staging your house before putting it on the market requires effort but it always helps a sale if the home is presented in the best possible light so the effort is definitely worth it for a quick sale and at a good price. You might be surprised what a difference it can make to declutter, remove your piles of kids toys, books, games etc. Even shift out some unnecessary furniture – hire a self storage unit to put stuff in while you are selling (even rent some trendy new pieces to replace your old furniture). So let’s take a look at the main ways to stage your home for a fast sale.

First Impressions

Take a look at the front of your home as you approach from the street – this is what a buyer will see first so make sure it is perfect. Also drive past and see what you notice at a quick glance.

  • Make sure the lawn is trimmed, with neat edges; flower beds are weeded and neat and bushes are trimmed.
  • Pressure was the driveway and paths
  • Clean the front door and garage door.
  • Add a couple of pots of plants to freshen up the entrance area.

Home staging - well presented house

The Kitchen

Firstly, it needs to be clean, absolutely clean. It is one of the most expensive rooms to updates so make sure buyers don’t think they have to.

  • Start by cleaning everything inside and out: cupboards, worktops, floor, walls, windows.
  • Add new accessories such as a designer kettle and toaster
  • Clear clutter from the worktops
  • If you have old blinds at the window that have seen better days just take them down. If they are essential for privacy buy some inexpensive roller blinds to replace them.

kitchen designs

The Living Room

This is often the first room a potential buyer will want to view, so it must make a great first impression.

  • Declutter your home as much as possible including removing unnecessary pieces of furniture, bookcases etc. Read More in this Guide to Decluttering. You want the room to look as large as possible (remember to make use of that self storage unit).
  • Buy new lamps and cushions (choose something neutral so you can use them in your new house)

The Bathroom

Replacing a bathroom is very expensive and not something you want to splash out on if you are selling unless the bathroom is in a truly terrible state. So your key focus is cleaning it – and not just a wipe over the tiles and fittings but a thorough deep clean that will rid the room of any lingering smells too. Buyers hate old, dirty bathrooms.

  • Get rid of mould by using a special mould and mildew removing spray. If the grout between the tiles is beyond recovery then consider re-grouting. It is cheap and fairly easy to do yourself.
  • Buy new towels (remember you can take them with you when you leave).
  • Remove limescale around taps, de-scale the shower head and glass shower screens – there are plenty of effective products on the market to help you do this.
  • Clean the light fittings – dead bugs are often trapped inside (yuk) which looks unsightly when the lights are switched on.

bathroom design inspiration

The Bedroom

Bedrooms need to look fresh, clean and as spacious as possible – try and create the effect of a good hotel room as much as possible:

  • Buy new high-quality bed linen in a plain, neutral colour and put it on the bed when viewers are expected – nobody wants to see the crumpled duvet cover you slept in last night.
  • Remove any frills or flowery accessories – these can deter certain buyers both male and female
  • Let natural light in – clean the windows and remove any dark, heavy curtains that block light.




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