The Problem of Storage When Running a Business From Home

There are over 3 million small businesses in the UK run by a single owner or director with a large majority of those concentrated in London and the surrounding areas. With the change in economic circumstances during the long recession coupled with the ease with which remote working is possible more and more people are going it alone and running a business from home.

Add to that the ease with which you can start an online store with the likes of eBay or notonthehighstreet (if your products meet their strict criteria for acceptance) and it is not surprising how many people now run their own businesses in the UK: from small start-ups selling niche goods online to businesses importing items such as bathroom sanitaryware in bulk from China and selling it at low cost in the UK.

Many small business owners choose to work from home, mainly because it keeps costs down but the problems arise when it comes to storage. Start-ups don’t usually have the capital to invest in warehouse premises and are reluctant to commit to a lengthy rental term. So what is the answer? As one company providing self-storage in London have discovered many small businesses, particularly those trading on eBay are using their self storage facilities to store their stock. With easy access and good security a self-storage unit is a much better option that trying to squeeze stock into the home or a damp garage. Cheap self-storage is available in most large towns and cities; and is much cheaper than renting even the smallest warehouse space.

Access to fast internet connections, the ease with which an e-commerce website can be built and an increasing trend by consumers to buy online have all contributed to the success of these small businesses.

It is no longer necessary to have a retail store from which to carry on your business provided you have a good website and e-commerce facilities. With the right sort of online presence a small business can potentially have an impact on the marketplace similar to that of a large retail business and you can run the business from just about anywhere.


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