Top 5 Interior Design Tips to Update Your Home

If you are thinking about how to update your home this spring but, like many people, have a limited budget then take a look at these tips I got from an interior designer friend. None of them will cost too much (although your actual choice of products will, obviously, affect the price) and, just as importantly the changes will not cause too much disruption to your life.

For some projects you will have to declutter your home or, at least, the room to be able to sure that the redecoration runs are smoothly as possible. If you are lacking in space you could always look into cheap self-storage, as this will make the process less hectic.

Top interior design tips:

chic tiles

Chic Bathroom

  1. Redesigning your whole bathroom for a more contemporary look is a major job and a major expense but most of us already have a white bathroom suite so it is not usually the suite that is the problem causing our bathrooms to look dated. Generally it is the walls and flooring. Get a whole new look by installing large porcelain wall tiles and for a really contemporary room use matching floor tiles.
  2. Consider replacing carpets in the living and dining areas with a wooden floor. If you are lucky there might be decent floor boards underneath the carpet that can be sanded and sealed but if not there are plenty of wooden flooring options to choose from.
  3. If you are on a very limited budget you can revamp your kitchen simply with a whole new set of contemporary accessories such as the kettle, toaster, utensils, storage jars etc. But if your budget will stretch think about replacing the tiled splashback with new ceramic wall tiles – they are inexpensive and the size of the splashback area is generally small enough to keep the cost down.
  4. Take down heavy curtains and replace with fabric blinds – this will make the room seem bigger and lighter but the blinds will still keep out the draughts come next winter so this is an eco-friendly choice.bedroom redecorated
  5. Buy fresh new bedding for all your bedrooms – there is masses of choice around for all budget ranges and colour schemes. Try and choose something that will complement your existing décor and flooring – this is one of the simplest ways to transform a room.

These are simple but very effective interior design  tips to revamp your home but let us know if you have any other tips for budget-conscious homeowners.

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