Stylish Options for a Bedroom/Office

The last couple of years has seen a dramatic rise in the number of employees remote working. Employers are now responding to increased demands for a more flexible working environment and hours.

If your home is somewhat lacking in space, then creating home office might seem like a pipe dream but it isn’t impossible. If you know what you are doing, then with a little careful planning and the right furniture you can create a dedicated area in your bedroom that will double as a home office whilst ensuring that your bedroom loses none of its style and character.

What makes a successful home office?

The most essential item that you need to create an office in your bedroom is a surface to work on. Fortunately, desks come in all shapes, sizes and colours so the only limit to what type of working space you create is your imagination. Laptops and mobile phones take up very little space, so if you don’t want a large desk that dominates your room choose something smaller, paler colours will really help to create the illusion of more space.

If your room is on the larger size, then you could pick a more imposing desk that could double up as a dressing table space giving you the best of both worlds. Look for something with clean lines and bold colours that work well with your existing space to really give it the wow factor.


Keeping your sleeping space and your working space separate can be tricky so make sure you factor in some storage solutions to your bedroom office. Somewhere you can put all your work at the end of the day and return the room to simply being a bedroom can be a good way of doing this.

You could also opt for a few floating shelves and really make a feature of your storage, whilst adding a few funkier touches to incorporate the office elements into your bedroom.

A comfortable chair

You will be sitting at your desk for the best part of a day so pick a suitable chair that is comfortable. This is one area you could really let your creative side out so look for bright modern designs with fantastic fabrics; an office style chair doesn’t need to be boring to be comfortable.


If your desk is in a corner, then choosing the right lighting is vital, whether you decide to add a modern desk lamp or improve your overhead lighting make sure that you are not sitting in the dark. If you are fortunate enough to have a large bedroom with space near a window, then this is a great space to locate your desk as there really is no substitute for natural light.

You might think that the bedroom is the worst room in the house to create a home office, but it’s a more private space and free from many of the distractions that you will find in the rest of the home which should really aide with productivity. Turning just a small corner of your bedroom into an office space really is a lot easier than you think.

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