Using a utility room to its best advantage

For many modern families, a utility room is becoming more than just an extra tick on their wish list of features for a home. It is an essential requirement.  Just like an en-suite bathroom or a downstairs cloakroom. In fact, it’s becoming such an important room that many families choose to have a utility room added to their house. They can do this either by having a larger room divided, by converting part of a garage or as part of a kitchen extension, whatever works for them. And if the addition of a utility room doesn’t compromise the space you need for your bathroom or kitchen, arguably the two most important rooms in the home when it comes to selling, then you are probably adding value to your property.

Plan it out

You might have a small room set aside as a utility room. or are fortunate enough to have a larger space. The key to using your utility room to its best advantage is to plan it out carefully. For many people, the utility room is a place that houses a washing machine, often a tumble drier, and a dishwasher. Storage is, of course, a must-have. As is a sink. However, it can also be a space that gives you so much more. Do you want to have room for a clothes airer? Or perhaps this is the room where you would prefer to do any ironing that you need to do?

If your utility room has a door that leads to outside, it can also be a very practical space. In it, you can clean any dirty footwear so that mud isn’t trekked all over your home. For dog owners, it’s the ideal space to dry your dog after a wet walk as well. There really is no limit to what you can use your utility room for. So, the best thing to do is consider how you can make the space work to its best advantage for you and your family.

Storage solutions

The idea of being able to move some of your white goods out of the kitchen, free up space and shut them away in another room can be very appealing. But don’t forget that whilst a utility room is an incredibly functional space there is no reason it can’t be as beautifully put together as the rest of your home. If your utility room is just off your kitchen then a sleek look can be achieved. You can do this by choosing units that match those of the kitchen. Add plenty of storage so that you can put everything away and avoid a cluttered look. Done well, you may well be surprised by just how much storage space there actually is. This is true in even the smallest of utility rooms.

All too often a utility room can become something of a “dumping ground”. But, with some careful thinking in the planning stage, it is possible to add enough storage that this is less likely to happen. And, if it does you will have plenty of space to put everything away quickly and efficiently.


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