How to make your garden space work for you in Winter

Gardens should be used throughout the whole year, not just the odd few nice days we get in the summer. Even with winter fast approaching, there are ways to extend the use of our garden in winter.

Man the decks!

Decking is an amazing way of creating a distinctive area in your garden which is also a good all-year-round option, and with so many different styles and variations, you will easily find one to suit you. During the colder months, if you have timber decking it will require more maintenance than if you have composite. Timber decking will need cleaning, stripping and drying before you can put another coat of stain on. This process could take a few (dry) days. Fast drying stains are good at this time of year and they will help revive the natural oils found in the timber, as well keeping it in tip-top condition. Composite decking does not need the maintenance that timber decking does though.  All it needs is a sweep and clean.

 Heat it up

As amazing as decking is in the garden, no one wants to sit outside in the cold. So, you’re going to need a heat source. Fire pits and heaters are not only useful, but they are also a stunning focal point for your garden. There is so much variety such as gas or electric heaters and fire pits. These come in a variety of prices to suit everyone’s budget. The style of your garden will usually denote the  one you would go for. If you went for a fire source, over gas or electric, then you need to make sure it is raised from the decking to protect it. Fibre cement mats are a brilliant way to do this. Whereas, if you were to place to fire pit directly on the decking it could overheat. It can do so whether it is timber or composite.

Bringing the indoors, outdoors

Many of us are now working from home but not everyone has room for a office, or the money to add an extension. Summer houses are doubling up as an outdoor space, come office, come entertaining area. And, there are so many different ones to suit your garden’s style. They can be rustic and traditional or modern with bi-folding doors. Even with insulation, it can become pretty cold in a summer house over winter, so you will need to put some form of heat source in there. You may think that with it being a wooden structure you wouldn’t be able to put a wood burner in there, but you can. You also have the option of oil, gas or electric heater, it just depends what suits you. Some have a larger upfront cost of fitting (such as a wood burner) and others are cheaper to buy but cost more in the long run (such as electric heaters).

If you’re wanting to make the most of your garden this winter then the top of our list is decking with a fire pit or heater, and if you’re lucky enough to have the extra space, then you should definitely consider a cosy summer house.

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