6 Tips to Use when Laying Bathroom Tiles

A tile floor can make any room look great. Now a person can tile their own bathroom floor with these easy to follow tips.

  1. Use Spacers

When laying the tiles, it is important to make sure all the joints between them are evenly spaced. In order to do so spacers can be used. Spacers are little white items that look like a small plus sign that should be laid on all sides of the tile. This will make sure the joints are all of the same size.

  1. Layout First

Before installing tiles, lay them all out on the floor. This will give a person an idea of how many tiles they are going to need and the areas where the tiles will have to be cut. Remember that cutting tiles is a messy job and could require proper house and builders clearance when it’s done.

  1. Get some tiles in reserve

Instead of worrying that you will run out of tiles before the layout is complete, you should buy a few in reserve. That way you will have peace of mind should something go wrong. It’s not uncommon for mistakes to occur and to cut a tile at the wrong place for example. That is when having a spare one can save you some trouble. While it’s true that more materials mean more rubbish disposal at a later stage, it’s still a better alternative to not having enough tiles to complete the job.

5 Tricks to Use when Laying Bathroom Tiles (2)

  1. Use a Sealant

When installing slate or natural stone tiles, be sure to seal them before grouting the floor. This will keep the colour of the tile looking great, especially during the waste disposal phase of your renovations. Apart from that, it is also a way to prevent water damage.

  1. Allow Time for Drying

Allow the tile to sit at least 24 hours before you apply the grout. The reason behind this is to ensure that the tiles do not move as you apply grout, which would mean disaster. You don’t want uneven looking tiles, do you? Yes, it may delay your project a little bit, but it’s necessary to ensure that the job is done properly.

  1. Clear out the leftover materials.

When you are done with grouting and renovating your bathroom, it is time to turn your attention to some rubbish disposal. Be sure you approach the task with care, as you don’t want to accidentally damage your tiles in the waste removal process.

These tips are aimed at giving you the basics of tile installation. Doing the work on your own can save you a lot of money and allow for experimentation and learning some handy DIY skills.

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