Interior Design Must-Haves for 2023

With the New Year slowly approaching, it is time to freshen up your home with a couple of interior design must-haves for 2023. The main advantage of updating your home lies in the opportunity to start the New Year with a brand-new outlook. That is why many people decide to rearrange furniture and bring in new decorations as part of their New Year’s resolutions. Yet, it is crucial to strike a balance between your personal aesthetic sensibilities and current design trends. For this reason, we are going to help you decide how you can do this optimally.

Even though there are a couple of discrete trends for the coming year you can fall back on, this does not mean you have to follow them blindly. For example, the furnishing and decorations do not have to be brand new. There is no reason why you can’t update your home with antique furniture and still make it work in a modern living space. Nevertheless, the new arrangement of your interior design can help you achieve a fresh look. This will appropriately mark the start of a new period in your life. Let’s see how. Let’s find out how.

Wellness-oriented design features

First and foremost, your home decor should bring the best out of your living space. That is why recent trends in interior design put primacy on wellness considerations. In that sense, balanced, calming interior design will be all the rage in 2023. 

You should definitely decorate your home to give yourself space in which you can stimulate rest and growth. From cool, neutral colors to clean and minimalist, mindfulness-promoting features such as a designated yoga area. That means the 2023 interior design mostly revolves around clean, modernist design with a dash of exotic, thought-provoking details to liven up and accentuate the subdued calm. 

So, the perfect interior design must-haves to reflect this tendency towards orienting your daily life around mindful activities. Think of good quality Persian rugs, wood stools, unique lamps, and ambient lighting. 

Black furniture is the way to go

Black never goes out of style. This color is, in fact, a staple in interior design because it allows you to give your living space that je ne sais quoi, the modernist edge. Black pieces blend in well with other dominant color schemes but still have the necessary autonomy as stand-alone features. This is called the chiaroscuro effect and has been around since the Renaissance. The visual dark-against-light interplay will work wonders in 2023 because it is so simple yet so elegant and thought-through. 

For example, a long black shelf in a predominantly light home will make for a delightfully dramatic contrast. So, smaller furniture pieces painted black can really make an impact. Hence, you can paint your coffee table black and give it a new lease of life. Our personal favorite black interior must-have would be black dining room chairs contrasted with a wood table. 

However, if you only want smaller, less expensive changes, bring in black accents, such as a black picture or mirror frame. 

A miniature jungle 

Clean and chic minimalism in 2023 does not necessarily mean you have to invest in expensive renovations or new furniture. If you are on a budget yet still want to update your home, consider that less is more. And the less furniture you have in your home, the more space you have for your plants. 
Creating your own personal plant paradise will be a major interior design trend in the coming year. A small interior garden satisfies both the mindful and simplistic elegance criteria of 2023 home decor. Plants are both great for developing a nurturing, mindful mindset, and they make your place look healthy and unstifled.

 a modern living room with a palm tree

So, decluttering your home before the New Year might be a good idea if you decide to make space for plants and less clunky furniture. You can make space for new pieces by renting a storage unit where you can store old furniture until you sell it. You can also benefit from having a storage unit since you can bring the stored furniture back into your home if you ever decide to do so. Just make sure you protect and prepare your furniture for long-term storage before you transfer it to the storage unit. 

Curved furniture is one of the interior design must-haves in 2023

You can introduce another great design feature into your home by going for smooth, curved furniture. The sleekness of a curved sofa or armchair does wonders for the visual impression of the living room. In the kitchen, you can have a circular dining table, egg chair, curved barstools, or a 60’s inspired lampshade. In the bedroom, a curved nightstand can bring in that soft, cozy, comfortable feel that will make your room feel more like a true sanctuary of rest and harmony.

a living room with a golden table

Oversized paintings and hanging furniture

Rather than going for a standard, off-the-rack decorative piece, you can introduce an innovative approach to your living room and hallway decor. Namely, you can place an old, intricate chair onto the wall and create a unique shelf for your books, plants, and figurines. If you like sculpture, you can place it onto the chair for a one-of-a-kind statement piece of decoration that will make you remember 2023 as the year you stepped off the beaten interior design tracks. 

Complement this with an oversized painting from an artistic movement of your liking, and you’ve got a splendid, innovative solution that follows the trend and reflects your own style.

crate shelves and plants on a wall as one of the interior design must-haves

Create your own decoration

An even better approach to interior design is to make your own decor to amp up the uniqueness of the interior. In the years to come, sustainable interior design will come to the fore. Therefore, creating a habit of creating your own decorative pieces is definitely a habit you should instill in the new year. For example, choose an impactful color such as coral or Fuchsia and repaint parts of your closet or table. 

These accents are easy to change if you get tired of the color scheme. So, getting into the mindset of adding your own touch to the established interior design must-haves for 2023 could be your interior design strategy this year.

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