Changing your windows- what to consider

Windows are a key element to any home and how they look can completely transform the appearance of every room, as well as your house on the whole. Natural light is proven to have health benefits and even ward off seasonal depression and boost vitamin D, proving that choosing the right windows is essential not only to the appearance of your home but also to benefit you. Windows organically heat our homes and provide ventilation. Along with other exterior items in your home, they take the brunt of nature’s harsh elements and can begin to show signs of wear. With all this to consider, there is a great deal to consider when changing your windows, from materials and glazing to the size, shape and colour. It is important to check whether you require any planning permission before you proceed with changing your windows and you may be restricted in what work can be carried out – planning permission may be required depending on your property.

Knowing your options

There are many reasons you might be considering new windows. Perhaps you have faulty windows, high energy bills or simply want to modernise your home. With a range of different windows on the market with a huge array of benefits, you are sure to find the right ones to suit your needs – but only if you shop carefully. Choosing a window style is a key step when purchasing new windows. Windows make a substantial difference to the appearance of your home and can also help to add to the character of your home. By selecting a style which complements the style and architecture of your home, you will achieve the best results, whilst also finding the practicalities to suit your needs. 

Window frame materials

Choosing the right material is imperative when picking out your new windows. It is important to consider what material you would like your new windows to be constructed from. UPVC or Plastic windows are the most common material used for windows. PVC or plastic is often the cheapest option and is durable, long-lasting and has fantastic insulation abilities for heat and to block out noise. However, windows manufactured from this material can often be a ‘short-term fix’ and although they require little maintenance, can actually reduce the value of period homes and are not easy to repair. This material is, however, functionally suitable for the majority of home in the UK.

Timber and wooden windows are classic and timeless. They can add charm to your home whilst also functionally beneficial protecting against heat loss and external sound. However, these windows require a high level of upkeep and are more expensive than other materials. They are susceptible to rot without paint or treatments, although with correct upkeep these windows can last a very long time.

Window glazing

Just like choosing the frame, choosing the glass is equally important. If your window is in your bathroom, you may wish to have privacy or patterned glass. Stained glass is also one to consider and can add a unique dynamic to your home. Considering whether you want double or single glazing is also important to consider in your new windows. Single glazing is a cheaper option and effective if you live in a hot climate. Double glazing is effective at retaining heat, protecting against external noise and protects against mould and damp by reducing condensation. 

Choosing the right supplier 

It is recommended that you choose a reputable company when purchasing your new windows. Lots of suppliers and instalment companies would be happy to provide you with deals and offers as an incentive and to keep costs down. New windows are an investment that if chosen carefully, can last a lifetime.

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