7 Ways To Use Plants In Your Home Décor

It’s no surprise plants are one of the most popular décor items – it’s rare to find a style and aesthetic they don’t go well with. Not only are they beautiful and tie the whole place together, but they can also be functional. With so many different types and sizes, it’s easy for everyone to find something they like. Explore some of the ways you can use plants in your home décor to make your house look cozier, brighter, and more natural.

1.   Use plants in your home décor to make dull areas stand out

So many boring places in our home can be turned beautiful without us even realizing it, simply by adding some plants to them. For example, the staircase. Adding ivy around the railing or putting a couple of plants on each step can make a big difference. You can utilize empty and awkward corners around the house by adding small shelves with plants and other décor. Your laundry room will look much cozier and more pleasant with just a couple of plants hanging from the shelves. If you love the open shelving, you know that potted plants are the finishing touch every open shelf needs. Plants truly bring warmth and color to otherwise ordinary places in our homes.

2.   Plants can make any bathroom look better

Adding plants to your bathroom or washroom can make it look like part of a hotel or a spa. The number of plants you’ll bring in, and their placement depends on how much natural light your bathroom gets. Adding ivy around your bathroom mirror is one of the most straightforward changes that make a big difference. You can also put succulents on the side of the sink. Besides that, you can add some potted plants to any open shelving you might find. If you don’t have any space on your sink or can’t put ivy around the mirror, you can always hang plants from the ceiling and turn those empty corners gorgeous. All in all, when you use plants in your home décor, your bathroom will look more peaceful and beautiful, no matter where you place them.

3.   Make a vertical garden in your kitchen

This is an easy way to combine practicality and décor. Not only are you utilizing vertical space to the max, but you are also turning your kitchen into a chef’s dream. You can grow many different herbs and vegetables in the vertical garden, such as basil, lettuce, rosemary, etc. You can customize this according to your and your family’s taste. Besides that, your kitchen will look bigger and brighter. If you don’t have enough vertical space for this, you can always plant herbs and vegetables in smaller pots and keep them on the kitchen counter or island. It will still look great and be a great addition to the kitchen space. Furthermore, if you love to cook and eat healthily, this is the perfect décor idea for you.

4.   Use plants in your home décor by combining them with windows

The simplest way to brighten up and add color to the room is to add plants to the windows. Large windows with windowsills are perfect for this. It makes the room feel like an oasis, and you also make the most of that awkward space. You can add multiple plants or a simple orchid, which will make a difference. Put shelves above windows to further expand the space available. It makes a perfect place to add decorative plants, and you’ll never have to worry about whether they are getting enough sunlight.

5.   Turn plants into focal points

Make the room stand out with unique plants by displaying them in a fun, eye-catching way. Terrariums are a fun, unusual way to add greenery to a room, and they make a great focal point on the living room coffee table. You can find either open or closed terrariums. Another group of plants has recently become popular, and that is aerial plants. Repurpose an old table by putting a bunch of plants on it for décor. Another exciting way to make your plants stand out is to hang them on a decorative ladder, along with some blankets or magazines. If you have an old cart in your home that you’re unsure what to do with, repurpose it as s shelf designated for your plants.

6.   Use plants as a decorative room divider

Plants are such a versatile decorative item – you can incorporate them into any space and any type of shelving. In this case, we are talking about combining plants and shelving to create a gorgeous room divider. You can buy open shelves to divide the room and fill it with potted plants. This way, a lot of light can shine through it, keeping the room airy. If you are in the process of moving, you should use plants when staging apartment for sale. Not only can you make the space look bigger with plant room dividers, but also because plants are great for this as they make the space look warmer and more natural. Another way to divide a room with plants is to use a garden wall or ivy hanging from the ceiling. 

7.    Use plants as a way to bring color to the space

Adding plants as décor doesn’t mean just adding the color green; it is also a chance to experiment with new colors. Certain plants have red leaves, which can subtly add a notch of color to the room. Or, if you really want to add color, go with plants with different colored flowers that can blossom indoors. It will brighten up and change the room while still being subtle at the same time.

All in all

It’s easy to see that there are many different and fun ways to use plants in your home décor. The possibilities are endless, from a simple plant hanging in the lonely corner of the room to building a garden wall in your kitchen. No matter how much time and effort you wish to dedicate to decorating your home, using plants as decoration is always a sure bet.

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