Make Your Bathroom Stand Out From The Crowd

As well as being a functional space, a bathroom is also a sanctuary in which to relax at the end of a hectic day. But the average bathroom in the UK is pretty small and many bathroom fittings are fairly standard so how can you make your bathroom stand out from the crowd; somewhere that you are proud of and where you want to spend time as well as something that will add value to your new home?

Here are some ideas for adding design flair to your bathroom


Install a free-standing bath

Depending on your personal preference this could be a traditional roll-top bath or a more contemporary stone, or even wooden, bath if you are aiming for an oriental zen feel. There’s nothing like a free-standing bath to add an opulent tone to your bathroom and create a truly relaxing place in which to unwind after a busy day.



Use tiling as a design element

Tiles are foremost a practical element of a bathroom but don’t forget that they can also be used to create a unique design scheme. In fact, they should be used as a creative element and even inexpensive tiles can be mixed with designer tiles for a unique look. By mixing colours, textures or sizes it is simple to create individuality in your space. Glass mosaic tiles, for instance, look great as a border; ceramic tiles can be used on the walls and combined with large porcelain tiles on the floor for a cost-effective choice. Really the options are endless so there is no excuse for having just plain tiled walls.

Install a luxury shower

Most of us prefer to shower – it is quick and refreshing – so why not make sure your shower is as luxurious as possible rather than just a disappointing spray over the bath. Why not try a large rainfall head or body jets for a great morning wake-up routine. If you don’t have room for a separate showering area these can still be installed over a bath but add a minimalist plain glass shower screen for a luxury touch.

very modern shower


Choose a statement basin

Sinks now come in an enormous range of shapes, sizes and materials including stone, glass and metal in addition to the more traditional ceramic sinks. They can be mounted on cantilevered shelves for smaller bathrooms with limited floor space; or on vanity units with storage underneath as a relatively inexpensive way to add a touch of designer flair.


Don’t forget the tech

Increasingly, luxury bathroom designs include high-tech elements such as shower heads with built-in colour-changing LEDs to suit your every mood, remote controls to fill your bath at the optimum temperature, speakers for your mood music and waterproof televisions for bathrooms incorporating heated, anti-reflective screens to prevent misting so you don’t have to miss your favourtite TV program while lounging in the bath.



Use a professional lighting scheme

Last but most definitely not least, a professional lighting scheme is a must for a luxury look. Don’t just opt for a few overhead spotlights, which can be too bright when you want to have a relaxing bath. Instead use some more flattering lights as well that can be operated separately and used to create different moods within the room.

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