A New Natural Stone Patio

I’ve always known that a stunning patio design can really transform a garden or courtyard but I actually saw the perfect example first-hand when I visited some relatives recently. They had recently moved house and bought a home with a sloping garden and a rectangular stepped patio from the back of the house. Nothing particularly wrong with the patio and it was a pleasant enough outside space but now – what a transformation. It is the perfect space to enjoy long, warm summer evenings after a hard day and for entertaining family and friends.

They have installed classic tumbled travertine tiles across a curved expanse finishing with a circular section on one side of the garden where it is most often sunny. These particular travertine tiles have a weathered appearance with chipped edges and match the old stock brick of the cottage-style house perfectly but if you have a more contemporary house you may prefer to consider stone-effect porcelain tiles, which a extremely realistic and less expensive to do the same task. The advantage of using tiles like these is that they look like they have been in place since the house was built, and I have no doubt that because of their durability they will look great for years to come.

Travertine is a hard-wearing natural stone that is perfect for a patio as it needs very little cleaning or maintenance once it has been laid and it is known to weather well because there are so many ancient buildings still around today that are made of travertine. But not only are these tiles hard-wearing they are also non-slip because of their irregular surface making them a safe surface for all members of the family young and old. They will withstand the effects of the British weather without eroding or deteriorating in any way and will maintain their original colour.

Even with a fairly small garden and a limited area that could be used for the patio, the design has made the best use of space and used traditional materials for the patio tiles to blend in with the exterior of the house.

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