Room Above Garages – Add More Living Space To Your Home

Using the room above garages to make additional living space is a brilliant and inspired way expand your home.

Room Above Garages

     Garage With Room Above Guest Accommodation 


If you are looking to expand your home space, instead of scrolling through the ‘house for sale’ ads, why not think about adding unique, tailor-made room above accommodation to your home.

The Classic Barn Company has an expert team of designers available to create comfortable, practical and eminently useable living space, in the shape of room above garages, within your existing home and garden. Which is highly likely to prove less costly than moving house. 

It’s also often the case that the total build cost when adding habitable space is often returned back into the increased value of the property. And of course, if you’re happy where you are, why not make the most of it without having to deal with all the palaver and expense of moving? Update your much-loved family home by providing beautiful and practical extra space for working-from-home or for guests or for family time – in a thrifty manner …  

Room Above Garages

Room Above Garages

        Carport Garage Accommodation With Balcony 


Room Above Garages 

Lots of us are spending more time at home than ever and may be trying to create new working and leisure spaces within our existing home layouts. It’s given many of us time to think about how our living space works on a day to day basisand whether it’s possible to continue working from home, and perhaps how we need to create more accessible, practical and habitable living space.

Options from The Classic Barn Company include room above garages providing living or working-from-home space above bespoke oak-framed garages … and of course those garages can also provide storage or workshop facilities, or further office or leisure space.

Each oak-framed building is designed specifically to suit individual needs, so if the office space also needs to house a few pieces of exercise equipment, or some display space for artistic endeavours, Andrew Guppy’s experienced team will be able to design a structure to fit the bill perfectly. 


Room Above Garages are Award Winners 

Director Andrew Guppy oversees all the projects that are designed, built and installed by his award-winning team. The Classic Barn Company is accredited to The Guild of Master Craftsmen, and were nominated and shortlisted for the prestigious Build It Design Awards. 

Their expertise has been recognised by publications such as Designing Building Wiki, and have also been featured on tv with their room above garage buildings as well as in a variety of the leading home and interiors magazines. Andrew is regarded as an expert on oak buildings, often contributing expert comment and advice to editors and writers.    

Room Above Garages

                  Garage With Guest Room Above 

The Value of Experience – Room Above Garages

The Classic Barn team of oak specialists design rooms above garages and outbuildings, as well as, garages, outbuildings, studios, leisure rooms, annexes and garden office spaces that all involve traditional and contemporary construction methods. Each of their oak-framed buildings feature traditional mortise and tenon joints – this method is centuries old and is considered to be a highly desirable design detail.

The technique itself ensures that the newly built oak frame will be secure and will stand straight and sturdy whilst settling into position.

Andrew Guppy explains how their Room Above concept works, ‘Each Room Above design starts off as a modular principle, which is then tailored and adjusted to provide the bespoke room above a garage or other type of outbuilding. Each one is built to the individual customers’ requirementsand is completely suitable to be used as extra habitable accommodation. We consider ventilation, insulation, power and connectivity requirements so these extra spaces integrate seamlessly into the way family members and guests can utilise the extra room (or rooms!)’. 

The design process itself is a collaboration between designer and customer, to attain exactly what’s needed.

As some of these oak buildings are designed as additions or extensions to existing homes it’s vital that they blend into the current scheme, adding beauty and stature to the home, as well as that all-important extra space. With separate outbuildings, the same  design standards are also applicable – it’s still vital that the new building will sit serenely and appropriately within the existing surroundings and landscape.  



Inside A Room Above Garage Interior


Building Regulations, Room Above Garages & Planning Permission 

Andrew Guppy and his team of experienced designers are able to handle all their clients queries and concerns regarding the pathway through Planning and Building Regulationsand will be in regular contact with the relevant planning office. ‘Building a new oak project isn’t necessarily complicated’ explains Andrew, ‘Planning Permission isn’t always required, as some oak structures, garages and outbuildings can be added if they fall within the parameters of Permitted Development’.

Needless to say, the team can usually answer all such queries quickly and efficiently, and are willing to talk through a project with an initial phone call to provide a general overview of the possibilities and potential extent of the initial concept.  


Have A Look at More Examples of a Room Above Garages

If you’re improving rather than moving, it will be natural to want to see the possibilities offered by The Classic Barn Company.

Visits to finished projects are often possible to arrange, and seeing the structures in real life often results in further inspiration and expansion of plans, according to Andrew. ‘Our clients are always interested in seeing real-life projects, where they are able to take a close-up look at the beauty of the oak framing, the way our Rooms Above are structured, and how comfortable and attractive the resulting extra space is’ he says. There are many Classic Barn projects in the Southern counties, as well as a regional office in Ascot. 

For a bird’s eye view of some spectacular projects, visit the Classic Barn Company’s YouTube channel.  

oak garage room

oak garage room

Room Above Garages


    Room Above Garages

        I do hope you have found this post on Room Above Garages interesting and that you now feel inspired! 

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