How to design your bedroom to be less cluttered

The average person spends around a third of their life in bed, so it is important that we make sure the bedroom is a calm, relaxing and clutter-free space to stay in.

design your bedroom to be less cluttered

Clearing out your closet:

One common reason for clutter in the bedroom is a lack of optimal storage. This may be due to not having enough storage, or falling out of the routine of using it on a daily basis.

If you don’t have enough storage in your bedroom, you should look at first clearing out your cupboards and wardrobes of things that you don’t need. This will create useful space that can be used to declutter your room. If you have clothes that no longer fit or that you don’t want anymore, donate these to your local charity shop. Alternatively, look at increasing the storage space in your bedroom.

How to increase storage space in your bedroom:

Firstly, you should look at whether you need any extra storage fitted into your bedroom, as you don’t want to cram more cabinets into tight spaces and actually increase the clutter within your room.

One great way to tackle storage space is by having sliding wardrobes fitted in your bedroom. This will utilise the available space more efficiently than a conventional wardrobe and allow you to store more clothes. The sliding door means you don’t require as much space in front of the unit, making them more versatile than regular designs.

design your bedroom to be less cluttered

Organising your storage space:

Once you have established what available storage space you have, you need to organise it in a way to fit all your items. It’s also vital that you put in place an easy to follow system – this way you will remain motivated to stick to the plan and keep your space free of clutter!

This can be done by picking sections of your cupboards and sorting your clothing into different categories. This will create a more organised system for tidying that you will be more likely to stick to. You should also hang up items that you frequently wear, such as coats. This will give easy access to them but also make them easy to put away again.

Using cupboard organisers is a great way to separate out the space inside drawers and cupboards, giving each category its own section, and making them easy to find if you’re in a hurry.

design your bedroom to be less cluttered

Sticking to the tidying routine:

Now that you have cleared out, increased, and organised your storage space within your bedroom, this will greatly help to reduce the clutter within your room. However, you need to make a considered effort to stay on top of the clutter, you can do this by putting each item away straight after it has been used.

If doing this every day something you will struggle to keep up, you could dedicate 5 minutes every other day to tidying away any loose items that aren’t in their designated area. This will significantly help to prevent mess from building up and leave you with a tidy and clutter-free bedroom.

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