How to save money on your home renovations

Renovating our house and turning it into our dream home is something we all think about, but it can be a very expensive process. Here is how you can save money whilst making your home renovations.

How to save money on your home renovations

Source cheaper materials

Often, you’ll be able to find materials to renovate your home at a much cheaper rate – especially if you’re a bit of a DIY expert and don’t mind putting in the work. Buying supplies in bulk will help to reduce the cost and means you’re left with a little extra if anything was to go wrong.

Also, you can source beautiful bathrooms suites and kitchens cheaply online these days. If you don’t mind having a designer name attached to your home furnishings, you’ll be able to create a gorgeous home and still save on cash.

Budget well

Having a strict budget for each of your projects that encompasses all costs will help you to stay in line with your spending. By budgeting, you’ll stick to agreed costs and not end up with thousands of pounds worth of additional costs mounting up.

With additional costs, this could cause some rooms in the home to be missed out due to completely exhausting your budget, so it’s important to prioritise which rooms you wish to work on first just in case.

How to save money on your home renovations

Fund it

Most people pay for home renovations with their savings and earnings. However, if you are over 50 you may be eligible for an equity release which can free up funds from your home. This money would help you to tackle larger home renovations and you can access the money as and when you need it.

Equity release can also be great for those who are looking to renovate their home but don’t have the skills or energy to do it themselves and will require the assistance of professionals as this is often expensive.


Plan to only get the renovations done that you need to if you are on a strict budget. Often things can crop up along the way that weren’t planned but will end up costing you more in the long run.

Being prepared for these events and knowing not to ‘bite off more than you can chew’ will allow you to stick to your budget and have extra cash left over in case something does happen.

Take a step back and think about which rooms in your home need the most work, then the rest can follow when you have the time and budget to do so.

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