Under stairs space and what to use it for

If you are keen to maximise the square footage in your home then why not have a think about that unused space under the stairs. You may or may not have it closed off with a door but the likelihood is that it is cluttered with all the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ items that you never quite get round to organising. By decluttering this area and using some cleverly positioned furniture you can maximize this storage space and create a sophisticated area that maximises the usable floor space in your home.

Coat and shoe storage

The most obvious use for your under the stairs alcove is a place to store coats and shoes. However, this doesn’t need to look like an abandoned pile of clothing, thrown in at random. Hanging a selection of hooks, some high for adults and some lower ones for children, as well as shoe box storage and shelves for handbags can make the area look well designed. If you add in a little bench to use whilst you remove your shoes then you have created an attractive and practical little cloakroom.

Pet bedroom

Either a closed off or open door alcove can be used as a safe spot for your pet. Not only does it keep your cat or dog’s bed and toys out of your way, it gives them a safe little spot to take themselves off for a snooze. If your space under the stairs has a door, you could add a little hatch for them to pop in and out of at leisure.


A walk in pantry seems like something of a luxury but it’s easy to create with some cleverly placed shelving in your space under the stairs. As we accumulate a growing range of kitchen gadgets, it often feels like space is at a premium. Using an otherwise underutilised space to keep all your tins, jars and packets as well as pans and pasta makers is a genius way of organising your kitchen and making the most of all available space.

Home office

Depending on how big your under stairs space is, it is not uncommon for people to make a little home office out of it. Using nice lighting and a slimline desk, the understairs spot has all the makings for a snug and private area to store your files and work from home.

Chill out zone

Slotting in some bookshelves overhead and a snug bench seat in your under stairs space can create a lovely little nook for curling up with a book when all the other areas of your house are feeling overrun with people. There are loads of lovely ideas for decorating a small area like this to maximise the cosiness.

Other little quirks to make your under stairs space work for you include putting a mirror behind the door for last minute checks before you go out of the house and painting the outside of the door with blackboard paint to use for your shopping and to do lists. It’s all about making the most of what you’ve got.

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