Window dressings to bring spring warmth into your home

It might only be February, but a quick look out of the window suggests that spring is well and truly on its way. The bulbs are starting to push up in the garden, snowdrops and crocus are in flower, the weather is a little warmer and the skies a little brighter.

Spring can bring with it a real desire to shake things up a little bit; it’s a great time to really start transforming your home ready for the warm summer months ahead. After months of keeping your curtains closed to keep the heat in and the cold out its time to consider adding a real touch of spring to your window dressings and change those heavy thick curtains for something lighter and brighter that will really let the season in.

Natural materials

If you are looking for curtain fabric that will really let the spring warmth into your home, then you really can’t go wrong with natural fabrics. Cotton, linen and other light fabrics can really make a massive difference to a room. If you don’t want to change your colour scheme too much, then consider light neutral shades that will work well with your existing colours. Long floaty curtains can really alter the look of your room giving it a much softer and romantic feel.

If you really want to bring spring into your home, then why not take a look at floral fabrics. Big bold florals can add a fantastic touch of spring to any room; they are a great way of bringing the outdoor flora into your living room.


While pale floaty fabrics make great window treatments for the spring, they do let in rather a lot of light, and while this is great news during the day, it isn’t such good news in the evening when you want to shut the outdoors out as the temperature drops. It’s also not great if you need to block the glare of the sun out or if you want a bit of privacy.

Pairing a blind with your lightweight curtains is an excellent way of not only achieving a very stunning window dressing but also solving the issues of privacy and blocking out the light. If you have opted for a plain fabric for your curtaining, then consider a floral blind for a great contrast, and if you have floral curtains, then you will want to consider a more neutral coloured blind.

If you prefer not to use curtains then why not consider using two blinds n your window, the layering effect will give you a unique and contemporary look.


Plantation shutters always conjure up images of warm balmy weather, plants blowing in the breeze and relaxing. They make an ideal choice if you want to retain your privacy, especially important if the window in question looks out over a road, but the slats also let in plenty of light. Painted in the colour of your choice they can add a lovely spring feeling to any room.

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