Why Choose Ceramic Tiles?

There are ceramic tiles suitable for all types of domestic installations such as kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories and hallways. They are both hard-wearing and beautiful, coming in a wide range of colour and pattern choices to suit all types of interior from the very minimalist and highly contemporary glossy white floor tiles through to more traditional or rustic styles suitable for period properties. But, what makes ceramic or porcelain tiles (which are a type of ceramic tile) more suitable than any other type of wall or floor covering such as wallpaper and paint or wooden flooring and carpet?

Perhaps the most important feature of ceramic and porcelain tiles is how long they last – for example ceramic tiles on the walls of a bathroom can substantially outlast painted or wall-papered walls. I’ve seen a 50 year-old bathroom where the tiling still looks in good condition – perhaps the design was not to my taste but I couldn’t fault their durability. And the fact that they are water-resistant makes them an excellent choice for bathrooms so they will also add value to your home. Just take a look at a show home and you will appreciate why new homes developers always tile the bathroom and kitchens is show homes. But even if you are not thinking of moving house soon you can still benefit from this home renovation.

But ceramic floor tiles are also more resistant to wear and staining than, say, carpet or wooden flooring. Properly laid (and sealed, where necessary) they require minimal maintenance and are easy to keep clean and looking as good as new. The ease with which they can be kept clean also makes them a very hygienic option for a floor covering, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

In addition to their durability, their beauty, their resistance to water, wear and stains their colours are also permanent – so they will not fade over time in areas that receive a lot of sunlight in the way that paint, wallpaper and carpets will.

What’s not to like?
In addition to all those advantages, ceramic tiles are inexpensive and relatively easy to cut, making installation quick and cost-effective.

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