The Best Natural Stone for Floor Tiles

Thought I’d made the decision to go with marble floor tiles to replace the sad and sorry tiles currently gracing my kitchen floor in my new home but I’m starting to have second thoughts. The tiles are intended to create a completely new look for my kitchen (with a few choice accessories) without actually changing the whole kitchen. Now I’m beginning to wonder whether marble will look right with my existing cabinets and whether some contemporary, large white porcelain tiles would look better.

I know that the flooring really is a key design element to any space so I want to make the right choice as I’m going to have to live with it for a long time so I want it to be a success. I have spent a lot of time searching for the right type of floor tiles and have already made the decision that they will have to be natural stone but there is a much bigger range of natural stone tiles available than I had imagined.

I have received some good advice about durability, ease of laying (and cutting), the necessity for sealing natural stone floor tiles and all those other important details you need to know before making a choice but now it has come down to what I actually like, what will make the design statement I am trying to make and what will enhance my kitchen and give it a new lease of life. Marbles floor tiles tick all my boxes but are other types of floor tiles more suitable?

As many people do, I instinctively love the look of marble (of all types and colours) but think maybe I need a slightly more rustic look.

The travertine floor tiles I have viewed are without doubt impressive and some of the aged designs I’ve seen would give me the elegance combined with a slight rustic edge which I think may be more appropriate for my floor. The creamy beige colours would blend well with my existing kitchen cabinets.

Then again, so would the beautiful golden colours of some limestone tiles I have seen and their colour choices would be likely to give me a better colour match (or contrast). They also have the necessary durability that is one of my key requirements after a previous disastrous affair with budget “slate-effect” tiles.

But neither should I let my previous bad experience with “slate-effect” tiles put me off the real thing. Slate tiles are so versatile that they can look great anywhere so if I decide I also need a new floor in my hall or conservatory they could provide a key design element that pulls together all these linked spaces. The textured surface of slate provides some measure of grip (always useful in kitchens and hallways) and, again, a range of colours. My only slight reservation is that maybe they are “too” rustic.

I really must make up my mind otherwise this time next year I will still be living with my tatty floor tiles. I’m going to get my hands on some samples of floor tiles and lay them out in-situ to see which ones really do look best with my kitchen cabinets and appliances.


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