8 Things That Make Your Home Look Cluttered

You have decluttered, and deep cleaned your home. Still, something seems off. Some areas of your home still look messy, dirty, and filled to the rafters. How can that be? It is rather simple – you overlooked those things that make your home look cluttered.

This is a very common situation. Despite their hard work, many people forget to declutter certain things that have become a part of their home’s décor. Those things have probably piled up over the years (or decades) and made your home overcrowded. Luckily, there is an easy fix for this. You have to pay attention to the following eight things that will make your house look cluttered and declutter them at your earliest convenience. Trust us, by doing this, your home will look brand new.

1. Full Countertops 

When your kitchen countertops are full of appliances, various dishes, foods, decor, etc., your entire kitchen will look dirty even if it isn’t. The same thing can be said about your bathroom countertops or the countertops you have in the laundry room. Without a doubt, countertops full of various items are one of the top things that make your home look cluttered. The solution to this clutter problem is fully utilizing the cabinets and drawers under the countertops. But, before you even do that, try some decluttering methods to get rid of the items on the countertops you don’t need. Otherwise, you will only clutter the cabinets and drawers and make everything even worse. 

A cluttered kitchen.

2. The Exterior of the Refrigerator 

Sometimes, even if the countertops in your kitchen are empty, the whole area looks jam-packed. If this is the case – look at your refrigerator doors. Are they filled with travel souvenirs, various magnets, kid’s drawings, sticky notes, and who-knows-what-else? If they are, you need to get rid of them. Of course, you don’t need to throw away your memorabilia – just find a more appropriate place for it. You need your refrigerator doors to look empty and clean so that your kitchen can finally look clutter-free.

3. Too Much Furniture

Excess furniture items are also one of those items that can make your home look cluttered. We understand that furniture is hard to get rid of, especially if that is the furniture you inherited from your dear relatives or furniture that is too expensive. But, don’t look at it that way – getting rid of it doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate it – it just means that you appreciate your home more. So, try to give it away, donate it, or even sell it. Or, if you can’t part ways with it, place it in a storage unit in Brooklyn. Storage solutions are always a good idea when you want to deal with excess items or the things that make your home look cluttered. 

A sofa next to a staircase.

4. Paper Piles 

Paper piles come in all shapes and sizes – bills, mail, various documents, etc. And, if you are like the rest of us, you are probably putting those paper piles on the coffee table, on the previously mentioned cabinets, on the random chest of drawers in your hallway, or something else entirely. The point is – paper piles are everywhere. And, even though they are small, they can make any room appear messier. So, sort through them, put them in a file, and place them in a drawer. This will make your home a lot less crowded and more organized.

5. Too Many Pillows and Throws 

Let us focus on the room we tend to spend the most time in – the living room. In an attempt to determine your interior design style, you have probably tried to decorate your living room with many different decorative pillows and warm and comfy throws. And, now, all those pillows and throws are still there, right? If they are, be sure that they are the things that are cluttering your living space. Try to remove most of them from your sofas and armchairs – one or two are perfectly enough. Then, when the season changes, change the pillows and throws too – that way, you can use them all but still have a decluttered living room.

6. Toys 

A home filled with scattered toys is every mom’s nightmare. Of course, you can’t get rid of your children’s treasures, but you can find a way to store them better. You can find a way to store them so that they don’t keep cluttering your home. For instance, you can make a ‘deal’ with your little ones to keep their toys in their rooms only. Or, if that is not an option, you can build some shelves in your play areas and equip them with baskets and bins. Teach your kids how to put their toys away – and be strict about it!

Kids playing with toys – one of the things that make your home look cluttered.

7. Overfilled Shelves 

Overfilled shelves can be the cause of many headaches. And how couldn’t they be when they are overfilled, and you can never find what you need. Moreover, even though all those things are on the shelves, they still make your whole home look cluttered. So, to create more room in your home, start by creating more space on your shelves. Declutter them thoroughly. Keep only the things you use and love and get rid of the rest. 

8. Visible Cords 

One of the last but certainly not the least important things that make your home look cluttered are those annoying and visible cords. They are on our walls, floors, all possible corners, and everywhere around the house. And, no, just because they are tiny doesn’t mean that they are not making any clutter – they are! So, try to find a creative way to hide those cords. Trust us, after doing this simple decluttering task, your entire home will look a lot different.

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