How to style the Industrial dining room

It isn’t just fashion that goes in circles, so too does interior design. And, the last few years have certainly seen something of a revival of styles and trends that have been popular before. The one that has made the most impact on home all over the world in the last few years is industrial. 

This is a very stripped back and unpretentious style where ergonomics is of far more importance than aesthetics. This is, in essence, a somewhat timeless style and done well it truly is a thing of beauty. If you have been considering creating an industrial dining room but are not quite sure where to begin then read on. Here, we unravel how to give industrial styling to your dining room.  

The key elements

The basic design features of any industrial styled room are brick, wood and metal – they represent the utilitarian nature of the style and are essential to pulling a well-designed room together. These contrasting textures blend so well together with their simplicity, the raw surfaces in the right combination can be a revelation.


When it comes to creating the perfect industrial dining room brick walls are an incredibly popular place to start. Granted, most modern homes are not blessed with the kind of bare brickwork that can really pull the style together. Fortunately, there are some fantastic wallpapers on the market than can really help you achieve exactly the style you are looking for. If you are looking for something a little different then there are some rather clever tiles that you can buy that resemble stonework. These can work very well but are perhaps best used on just one wall in your dining room. Choose a simple paint colour – white works well – to complete the other walls. 

Industrial style furniture

The walls in your dining room are merely a backdrop for the furniture that you choose. And when it comes to industrial style pieces, there are plenty to choose from thanks to the increasing popularity of the style. A heavy looking wood table with a metal frame can really stand out in your dining room creating a focal point. Pair them with some interesting chairs and remember these don’t have to match the style of the table. Metal chairs or even something with a leather seat would work really well. 

The key to creating a fantastic industrial style dining room is to consider the materials that you use, and the contrasts this creates, rather than thinking about whether things match perfectly.

Chunky glass jar pendants or bold metal shades over your table will give your lighting a real industrial vibe.


While the colour scheme of any industrial room will be dominated by shades of brown and grey with touches of white, there is no reason why you can’t add a few touches of colour to the room to really make it pop. Consider adding a few chairs with painted metal frames or a few bold ornaments to offset the more natural colour scheme of the rest of the room.

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  1. John Jackson says:

    Wow, that’s a great idea sir. Thank you so much for sharing an amazing tips about the decoration of dining. Your idea is very informative and great. Always keep on sharing your ideas.

  2. Frank M says:

    Here in the southwest, we are seeing a plethora of empty buildings being renovated with this industrial look. Although, some of these I have seen in person, people tend to decorate these industrial interiors with “western” decor.” I am like, what the h**! If the decor is industrial, might as well decorate the interiors with a “matching” theme! Not country western!

  3. Angphotorion says:

    I think this is come more imaginable if you added an image to the post, so I can learn the detail about design how come. But, nice share, Sir.

  1. October 23, 2019

    […] items for free if they can resell them to raise money. But remember interior fashions go in cycles: industrial style dining rooms are on-trend right now but that could quickly change back to your old-style dining […]

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