How to Make Your Bathroom Seem Bigger Than it is

bathroom design inspirationFor many people, a large bathroom is a luxury they can only dream about. The sad reality is that the bathroom they have is small and functional, with enough space for all those essentials and little more. And those essentials are important. Unlike other rooms in your home where you could remove a few items of furniture in order to make space, it’s not really possible in a bathroom. But don’t worry there are a couple of little tricks that you can use that will make your bathroom seem bigger than it really is.

Consider your colours

When it comes to making a small bathroom look bigger with colour it isn’t just a question of using a pale colour to create the illusion of space you can take that idea a step further to help make your bathroom seem bigger. Don’t use different colours for your walls and floor as this will effectively chop up space in your bathroom. Pick a colour and then carry it from one surface to another, this will really help to create the illusion of space. If you want to use another colour then limit it to a small object which will stand out, rather than end up cutting up space in your bathroom.

Don’t worry about mixing different wall coverings in your bathroom, if you stick to the same shade this can work really well and instead of making your bathroom look smaller will again help to increase the space.


Small tiles used to be the suggestion for small bathrooms, but all those grout lines can really make your walls seem smaller. Pick large tiles, ditch the patterns and opt for something a little simpler. This will help to give the appearance that your walls, and therefore your bathroom are actually larger than they are. If you have a walk-in shower don’t forget to make sure that you use the same tiles throughout to continue the illusion.


Mirrors are your best friend when you want to create the illusion of extra space, so go big. Placing a large mirror in your bathroom, especially when used in combination with some form of lighting – a trick which will double the impact of the light – can make your bathroom seem double the size.


Whilst this is in no way a suggestion that you have your windows replaced with something bigger there are ways that you can improve the flow of light from your existing windows which will help your bathroom feel bigger. If you have frosted glass then ditch the window dressing, blinds and shutters in a bathroom do little other than trap dust and block light. Simple clean lines will work better not only from an interior design point of view but also in terms of letting in maximum light.

Having said that, if your bathroom has an unusual sloped ceiling, adding a skylight could be the perfect way to increase the natural light in your bathroom and make it seem a lot bigger.

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