Rustic Elements to Include in Your Home Décor

Rustic style in home interior originates from the first settlers. They had to build their houses from materials that were available to them, such as wood, stone, and metal, and the results were amazing. Because this style is so in harmony with nature, it immediately gives each home a specific uniqueness many fall in love with. Your modern Florida home doesn’t have to be fully immersed in only one style. If you appreciate the charm of these early settlers’ houses, here are some rustic elements to include in your home décor. 

Exposed wooden beams

Rustic home décor style in Florida is all about natural materials. Rather than hiding the wooden building blocks your house is made of, expose them and celebrate their beauty. Wooden beams, such as those found on the ceiling, are a popular décor element these days. This is especially attractive in properties where the ceiling is exceptionally high. You can leave these beams as they are or give them a darker color or a high-shine finish. And don’t worry if wooden beams are not part of the structure of your home. You can use fake or decorative ones added later to create an illusion and give your home that specific look.

A dining room with exposed wooden beams and a large wooden table.

Stone is one of the great rustic elements to include in your home décor

There was never a time when the stone was unpopular when it comes to home decor. In the past, our ancestors would ship large pieces of nice-looking stones only to build their homes from them. Stone was more commonly used as an exterior décor element, but today we have it successfully incorporated in living rooms and kitchens. You can put stone elements on the sides of your kitchen island, giving it a distinct character.

Wooden floors with patterns as close to the ones in nature

Another of the rustic elements to include in your Florida home décor is wooden flooring. As opposed to the sleek finish characteristic of other interior design styles, rustic décor floors are rugged and less processed. The boards are usually imperfect and offer a display of their natural patterns. A typical finish is with oil which can give it a slightly different color but never stray too far from its original nature.

Woven baskets are both beautiful and useful

Decorative woven baskets are a great addition to any home as they are both esthetically pleasing and useful. You can place larger ones in the corner of your child’s room and use them for storing toys. In bedrooms, they can serve as containers for extra pillows and blankets. Given that they have handles, they can be used for transporting stuff. When you are moving, it is natural that you will want to get all the supplies you need from a renowned company that sells packing items, like in Boca Raton. But your woven baskets can be useful here as well.

A bed with wooden boards, a woven basket, and a guitar next to it.

Don’t forget to let as much natural light in as possible

Natural light is important in rustic décor as it is another natural element that brings warmth to your everyday life. Light brings the best out of stone and wood, positively affecting people’s moods. If possible, try to introduce more sunlight into your house. Here is some advice on how to do that:

  • Remove all obstructions from the windows.
  • Use more transparent curtains.
  • Do not plant trees that will later put shade on your windows. 
  • Put a mirror on the wall that is opposite to the window. 
  • Keep your windows clean. 

Fireplaces bring warmth to your home and your soul

Back in the day when heating systems were just a dream, fireplaces were essential for warding off the cold. They retain that function even today, but what they serve now is much more complex. Their role in home design is to bring figurative warmth to your home. When people see a fireplace, they instantly imagine enjoying a hot cocoa next to it while the snow is falling outside. It’s such an iconic scene that it comes to our mind with the first snowflakes.

A fireplace next to a Christmas tree.

Color pallets should include sandstone, forest green, and rich brown

Like everything else in rustic home design, the dominant colors should mimic the ones found in nature. Those are sandstone, forest green, rich brown, and pretty much anything you can see in forests. These colors are warm, which is in tune with the effect this specific décor style is aiming for. 

Perfection is not an aim of rustic home décor 

Finally, one very important feature of rustic elements in home design is the absence of perfectionism. Whether designing your home from scratch or just freshening it up with some new decorative elements, don’t aim for it to be perfect. Nature is not perfect, or rather, its perfection does not lie in straight lines and identical appearance of elements. It celebrates various textures, patterns, and sizes. It welcomes diversity in all shapes and forms. The uniformity in it is focused on bringing comfort, for one thing. Also, all elements need to have their purpose that somehow leads to making your life better. As for symmetry, you can have it, but it doesn’t have to be omnipresent in your entire house. Let your imagination take over, and your senses choose what feels right. 


There are many inspiring rustic elements to include in your home décor, and all of them have the same goal – to get your home to be more in tune with nature. Textures and colors should be similar to what we can find in forests or near the sea. These features are in harmony with what is the most elemental in us. The best bit about rustic style is that it promotes comfort, with everything having a very useful function. After all, turning to nature helps bring out the best in us and helps us solve problems that seem unsolvable at first sight. Therefore, it is only natural to want to introduce this philosophy into your home décor.

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