How to Decorate Properties With Abnormally High Ceilings

Decorating a residential property is always a time-consuming and challenging task, but when done right, you will reap the rewards despite the difficult road getting there. You shouldn’t let the size of the task put you off. After all, there are several advantages to decorating your home. A renovation project can help improve your mood, enhance your living spaces, increase the property’s value, and prevent your home from feeling stale. Ultimately, by the end, you will have a happier home and a happier life.

One of the biggest challenges of decorating a home is when the property has abnormally high ceilings. Having high ceilings certainly comes with its benefits, such as increased natural lighting, a more spacious environment, and added resale value. However, it does have its drawbacks including increased difficulty when it comes to decorating. But that shouldn’t stop you! One of the best benefits of a high ceiling is it actually gives you more room to add décor and make the place your home. Despite the challenges, there are solutions that allow you to decorate without fuss.

Intelligent Scaffolding, a scaffolding company in Liverpool, knows all about the unique challenges of working at height. They are experienced in using scaffolding solutions to aid with property construction and renovation. In this article, Intelligent will provide us with some great tips on how you can decorate a property with abnormally high ceilings.


Let’s start with one of the more obvious solutions. The tried and trusted ladder! Ladders are essential when it comes to working at height, whether painting the wall or ceiling, installing lights, or putting up decorations such as paintings. Ladders provide a safe and stable platform for you to stand on while at height. There are different types of ladders that you can use. The most basic type is a single-section ladder which allows you to balance the ladder against the wall while you climb up to its maximum point. There is also an extendable ladder which provides you with flexibility to lock the ladder in place at a certain height. Next up is the combination ladder which features a stable support on either side so that the ladder doesn’t need to rest against the wall. Finally, we have the platform ladder. Platform ladders have a stable platform where you can stand while working or place important equipment and materials. While ladders can be useful, they are quite limited in scope and may not be suitable for more complex projects.


It should go without saying that at Intelligent Scaffolding, we highly recommend scaffolding for decorating your property! Scaffolding may often be associated with large commercial projects, but in truth, these systems can be used in almost any situation where working at height is a necessity. There are different types of scaffolding that you can invest in, but in summary, scaffolding is a temporary structure to support you while working at height. One of the best things about scaffolding is that it provides you with a spacious and stable platform where you and multiple people can work with ease. Scaffolding platforms are securely locked in and may sometimes come with safety netting, so you don’t have to worry about the risk of falling. Not only is it safe, but with capacity for multiple people and a place to store all the items you need while you work, it guarantees increased productivity and maximum efficiency.

Get Someone Else to Do It!

This might seem like a lazy and cheap option to go for, but if all the other choices are too much time and hassle, don’t be ashamed to get someone else to do the work! There are businesses that purely exist to support people in their decoration efforts. Dedicated companies will hold the experience and skills required to get the job done at the quality and standard that you expect and dream of. As for obstacles, you can rest assured that they will be aware of the best solutions for each scenario. With high ceilings, for instance, decorating firms will be able to identify the most effective solution and have an excellent understanding of where to source the right equipment. You don’t have to be left out, of course! Part of the fun of decorating is being involved yourself. No matter who you hire, you can always speak to them about what jobs you can do to help out.

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