No Room for a Nursery? Here’s How to Cope

When it comes to babies, everyone has their own ideas of what works best. Experts recommend that babies sleep in the same room as their parents for at least the first six months of their lives, twelve where possible. So, if you are struggling to fit a nursery into your home the good news is you don’t have to start worrying about it for a while.

There are plenty of things that you can do to prepare your home when you are expecting a little one even if you don’t have a specific room that you can use as a nursery so if you want to create a special space for baby take a look at our tips.

Create a nursery corner

Baby will be in your room for a good while so take a look at the space you have, choose a corner that isn’t too near a window or a radiator and look at moving some of your belonging so that you can create a nursery corner. All you really need is some space for a crib and some storage. Floating shelves above a crib can be a great place to store some of your baby’s clothes and toys. You can also utilise the space under the crib with some nice storage baskets.


If you want to decorate your nursery corner, then why not paper a feature wall in your room and choose a different style of furniture to put in it. This will help you create a room within a room. Alternatively, if your room is quite a neutral colour why not add some nursery decals to the walls around the crib to make the area seem separate.

Baby Toiletries

Rather than making a dedicated space for these in your nursery, or nursery corner, take a look at your bathroom storage and create a space where you can store these; babies don’t use baby baths for that long so having them in the bathroom will be more practical in the long run. You can also store your baby bath, if you choose to use one, in the bathroom as well so that you can free up space elsewhere.


Whilst a well-stocked nursery full of toys might seem important there is a good chance your baby will play with toys in your living room. A toy chest or even a series of storage baskets can provide ample storage space for any toys you buy. As they grow babies require different types of toys to help them develop vital skills so buy a few good quality toys and then replace them when it is time to move to the next stage. Decluttering is a good way to make sure that you don’t accumulate too much, and this is especially important when space is at a premium.

A room for two

If you already have a child who has their own room, then there are plenty of ways in which you can create two bedrooms within the one space. Different colours on the walls, rugs on the floor and if the room is big enough you could even put some sort of divider in to create two completely separate areas.

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