How Natural Stone can Improve your Home

“Natural Stone” refers to products that are quarried from the earth with Granite, Marble and Limestone being perhaps the best known. Many of us tend to think of using natural stone in the home as a modern-day trend. But, we have the Egyptians to thank for beginning to mine and use stone over 5000 years ago! The use of natural stone as floor coverings inside the home then developed over the centuries with the Greeks laying elaborately patterned mosaic floors using pebbles and tiles. The Romans then invented the first form of under-floor heating. So, that’s who you have to thank for your toasty-warm feet on a winter’s morning! Natural stone, however, is no longer constrained to the floor but found extensively throughout homes. You’ll see it now in wall tiles, countertops, bath-tubs, fireplaces and feature walls.

More than just a fashion statement

Trends, in the way that we decorate our homes come and go. 5000 years may have been a long time to wait for the benefits of natural stone to truly make a come-back, but incorporating the beauty of Mother Earth in our homes today is more than just a fashion statement. It is also as practical as it is beautiful. The pyramids at Giza have the oldest examples of natural stone flooring in the world; a testimony to its resilience. And, it also helps in providing families with reassurance that, if properly cared for, it should easily last the rough and tumble of daily life for many generations to come! Bringing natural stone into your home does not have to be expensive either. Granite used to be mainly seen in the homes of the rich and famous. But, we can all afford a little luxury on even the tightest of budgets. Many materials cost less than you’d think.

So, what are the benefits of bringing natural stone into your home?

Natural Stone:

  • Can be used to create a variety of looks from the elegant and luxurious to rustic.
  • Is low maintenance and easy to care for. Some stones require periodic sealing, but a soft brush and a mop are the main caretakers.
  • Natural stone comes in a wide variety of types and colours. Mother Earth has seen to it that no stone used is ever the same as anyone else’s!
  • Natural stone is strong and durable and depending on the design can also have safety properties such as being anti-slip etc.
  • Is a natural heat conductor so the ideal choice to use in underfloor heating?
  • Natural stone contains no irritants or chemicals. It is ideal for those with allergies, asthma or breathing problems who may react to carpets that can harbour hairs, dust, dirt, odours and pet dander.

And perhaps most importantly?

Natural stone is also an eco/green choice. If you incorporate sustainable stone into the design of your home not only will it add value to your home. But, it will last a lifetime as well, meaning that you will not be impacting on the earth’s resources but also benefitting your bank balance too!

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  1. Autem Decker says:

    Natural things are always better than the artificial one. If anybody has the design sense then they can decorate it. Granite, Marble, and Limestone are very attractive and very much usable.

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