Front Yard Landscaping for winter

Having an attractive curb appeal all year long can be a challenge, especially in areas with cold or snowy winters. Still, when the colors of autumn fade, your front yard landscape doesn’t have to go dormant. You can do much to keep your yard presentable and attractive during the cold season. Boosting your curb appeal during winter is easy if you adjust the landscape improvement and maintenance to reflect the season. Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home and want to make the garden space work for you in winter or plan to put it on the market, front yard landscaping for winter will help you transform your home exterior.

Start with the lawn maintenance 

In winter, tending the lawn isn’t very demanding, but there are still things to look after, even with the snowy season. Grass crowns are delicate, and you can destroy them quickly if the area has high traffic. Bare spots on the lawn take time to recover. Also, avoid tossing salt-laden salt and ice on the grass and around trees.

Front yard after landscaping with evergreen plants

Use season-appropriate plants and landscaping 

Keeping the fresh and green look in winter is impossible without evergreens. They are fresh all year round, require little maintenance, and do well in containers. Verbena, boxwood, salvia, sedum, and blue spruce are some of the most common species you can choose for the planters. You can position the pots anywhere you want, from yard corners to the bottom of the porch areas. They are convenient during the holidays when you can use them as outdoor Christmas trees. Put a decoration or some led lights to bring some holiday spirit to your home.

Using the bucket planters is also helpful when front yard landscaping for winter. You can use them during other seasons. Perhaps, you’ll prefer planting colorful seasonal flowers in your front yard during the spring and summer. Having your evergreens potted means you can move them aside or in your backyard, based on your preference.

Putting thought into plant arrangements

When planting trees in your front yard, consider positioning them in a way that could reduce home energy consumptions. If you use deciduous trees in west and south-facing areas, the sun will be able to reach through the bare branches, keeping the home outdoors warmer in the winter months. With the return of leaves in warm seasons, these trees will block the sun, cooling the area. Deciduous trees are great ways to improve curb appeal, and if you’re planning to have them in your yard, you should plant them in the cold season so that they can grow their first leaves in spring. These trees will kill the monotony of an empty winter yard, and bare branches are of no use during cold months. Opt for evergreen trees, bushes, and shrubs to breathe life into your lawn. Still, when arranging them, pay attention to their position. Unlike the deciduous trees, they can do the opposite and block the sunlight, making the yard and house colder. So, focus on the northern side of the lawn.

Planting deciduous trees during winter

Attractive front yard home improvements

Another great way to improve your front yard landscape is to tend the leisure areas. If your house has a porch, you can add some seasonal decor, such as pinecones, stone, logs, birch branches, lanterns, and a door wreath. Still, before you get to decorate the outdoor area, you’ll need to protect the furniture from the cold and store it until spring. Outdoor furniture is usually very resistant, but it still can be damaged and washed if exposed to rain and cold. According to relocation professionals from Fairfax Transfer and Storage, proper maintenance and protection of the outdoor furniture in areas with harsh winters can make it last at least a couple of decades.

Nothing creates a more warm and welcoming atmosphere than having a cozy front yard patio throughout the whole season. Such curb improvement adds to home value and attracts many potential buyers when putting your home on the market. Luckily, winter is the best season to add a patio to your yard because its construction will create less disruption to your lawn appeal, plus making it will be cheaper off-season.

Accenting the best home features with lighting

One of the obvious choices for a quick and effective landscaping makeover is outdoor lighting. It’s easy to install and quite attractive, whether you decide to accent the edges of the porch, patio, roof, or plants. However, it’s important not to go overboard with it. Do not use flashy lights and chaotic arrangements. Choose a specific zone to highlight, and make it tasteful. Creating contrast and shadows with lighting when front yard landscaping is possible using the forms and plants. Naturally, the effect will be visible only at night, but that’s when the magic usually happens. It’s easy during the day when decor and good features of your home are noticeable. However, using the lights to create a night ambient is welcoming and practical because it will adequately illuminate the entrance area as well.

Holiday lighting at the house entrance


If you put some thought and effort when front yard landscaping for winter, you’ll be able to showcase the strongest features of your home while the rest of the nature is sleeping. Tend to all areas equally while creating an idyllic scenery of the winter wonderland. Add a hedge or two, an attention-grabbing evergreen tree, some LED lights, and you can be sure no one will stay impartial to its charms.

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