7 Signs You Have too Much Stuff

The amount of stuff you have in your home is entirely up to you. Some people may have the same amount and think they have too much, whereas others could think they don’t have enough. Deciding whether you have too much in your home is up to you and your preferences so don’t throw everything and end up regretting it. Don’t compare your home to others but take inspiration and make it your own.

Sometimes all your home needs is a spring clean, but if your home is making you feel stressed or that you’re wasting money then you should take a step back and re-evaluate what you really need or want and donate the rest.

  1. More than one of the same product

This doesn’t apply to everything in the home but if you find that you have 3 almost identical glass vases that you don’t use then you should consider reducing the number to save space. Sometimes when you have so much stuff it’s hard to remember what you already have. Try and take an inventory of your cupboards – you could be surprised at the number of duplicates you have.

  1. Useless Items taking up space

A common item that people collect large amounts of is mugs and bottles. But do you really need 25 mugs and 10 water bottles when there’s only one of you? It’s certainly something worth evaluating.

  1. Your house is always messy

If your home is constantly messy and even after you clean it looks slightly untidy, then this could be your sign that you should have a clear out or find some storage solutions. Having lots of bits and bobs out on the side can look messy and also create more work for you. They attract dust and can make you feel more stressed.

  1. All your drawers are junk drawers

Most people will have one designated drawer in their home that’s made for odd bits and bobs that appear. This is the space for things that no one really knows where they live. But if you have more than one then it’s time to take a look at your cleaning techniques. Alternatively, just sort through the drawers.

  1. It’s physically impossible to fit any more into your wardrobe

It’s fine to have a lot of clothes but when you have run out of space for them it’s time to take a closer look. Sort through to find clothes you don’t wear anymore. It easy to donate clothes or even give them to family members.

  1. Items are in the wrong part of the house

For examples, if you’ve run out of space in the bathroom so your make-up ends up in the lounge. If your wardrobe is overflowing so you just leave it in washing baskets scattered around the house. In these cases, you don’t need a bigger home, you need to get rid of stuff and reorganise!

  1. Everything has sentimental value

It’s normal and ok to be attached to some items. But, when your home is full of clutter that you can’t get rid of then you need to take action. Really think about how much you look at or use items. It’s not sentimental if you never really see it until its time to declutter.

If you’ve spotted more than one of these signs, then get those boxes out – it’s time for a declutter!

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