7 Tips for Arranging Furniture In Your New Home

Buying and arranging furniture in your new home are some of the most fun aspects of moving. You don’t have to hire a professional interior designer to have a good layout. You just need imagination and a couple of tools to make it a reality. Think about your personal style and how you’d like to express it in your new home.

1.    Visualize your furniture arrangement plan

Today, you don’t have to draw your plan for the layout of your home; you can use one of many free programs available to visualize your project better. It’s more accurate and accessible to change than drawing a new layout whenever you want to see a different furniture arrangement option. Take precise measurements before beginning the furniture arrangement. You don’t have to arrange furniture in a traditional, symmetrical way. Having asymmetry and diagonals as options means you will have more freedom in arranging your furniture. It’s a trend in interior design that’s becoming increasingly popular every year.

2.    When arranging furniture in your new home, keep traffic flow in mind.

Make it easy for your household members and guests to move around the house. Create a clear pathway from one room to another, and don’t block it with different pieces of furniture or other obstacles. It should be easy for people to navigate through your home when visiting. If there are any pieces of furniture you’ll have to walk around, create a clear and wide area around them to minimize the walking. Keep seating pieces of furniture like the couch close to the coffee table so you can reach them easily. If you have multi-purpose rooms in your home, make it visible that they are two different areas. You can do this with two large rugs or open shelving as a room divider.

a simple, colorful living room.

3.    Lighting can make or break a room

First of all, look at how the sunlight moves through your home during the day. This will help you arrange your furniture. Arrange the furniture in your bedroom depending on how much sunlight you want to let in. Having the bed close to or facing the window will have you waking up to warm, bright rays of sunshine. It’s a good idea not to put your TV on a wall that gets a lot of sunlight during the day so that you won’t have to put shades or curtains down to enjoy your favorite TV shows. Mix floor lighting, ceiling lights, and decorative lighting to make your furniture and décor stand out.

4.    Find artwork to complement your new home

Once you’ve planned what furniture to buy and how to arrange it, start looking for artwork to add to the new space. However, the size and shape of mirrors and paintings are more important than the style. Paintings should be at the eye level of the viewer. If your ceilings are low, you can dismiss this rule and hang them lower to give the impression of a higher ceiling. It all comes down to what effect and aesthetic you want to achieve when arranging furniture in your new home. Smaller rooms can look more prominent with floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Arranging furniture in your new home is simple, with décor and mirrors, as seen in this bedroom.

5.    Arrange furniture so that it’s easy to entertain guests

Once you’ve settled in, the fun can begin. That means throwing an awesome housewarming party for all your friends and family. You can invite your new neighbors and get to know them better too. It’s a great chance to show off your new home to everyone you know. You can make your home perfect for entertaining guests and throwing amazing parties all year round. Arrange your furniture to make the most of your new home. Chairs that are diagonally positioned so that they are facing a couch are great for conversations. Add functional furniture, such as a bar cart, to your living room. You can leave some storage space for storing board games or some floor space to play charades. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you and your needs and preferences. 

6.    Choose a focal point for every room

Our eyes find something to focus on whenever we walk into a room. Choosing the focal point should be the first step when planning the arrangement and layout of rooms. A fireplace is one of the most functional and beautiful focal points you can add to any living room, bedroom, or home library. The focal point can be a large aquarium, a vertical garden, or a decorative sculpture. It doesn’t have to be as unique as these options – the entertainment system, a beautiful, large coffee table, or a lovely chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It can be just about anything that catches the eye once someone enters the room. Once you’ve made your choice, arrange your furniture around it.

7.    Find appropriate-sized rugs

Carpets subtly add texture and pattern. They warm up the room and tie everything together. Furniture can be arranged around them, partially or entirely on them. Find rugs that are easy to clean and maintain. You can even fix the carpet to the floor for extra safety. It’s essential they are the right size and not cover the entire room. So choose furniture and rugs when you’re finished furnishing your new home.

A modern living room with industrial-style furniture.

Final thoughts

When arranging furniture in your new home, it’s essential to think of functionality just as much as style. With an excellent focal point, the right-sized artwork, and carpets, your home can look fantastic, no matter which trend or style you want to incorporate.

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