Beach House Décor Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

Owning a beach house is satisfying in itself. When you are waking up to ocean sounds and views every morning, you do not need much more than that. However, if you want a true sanctuary and wish to decorate your home, there are beach house décor trends that will never go out of style. We have loads of suggestions for you, and whatever your budget is, you will be able to find inspiration and incorporate the new with the old.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of beach house décor

You probably do not even know it, but you already have that image in your head when you think of a beach house. Nautically themed decorations, wooden furniture, seashells, and lots of white. Many of those images are there because they have been a staple of coastal design for decades. Some of them are truly timeless, while others may be replaced with some fresher ideas.

Which colors never go out of style?

A beach house décor trend that has been around forever and is here to stay is the color palette. When you decorate your new home, you want to stick with a neutral palette. You need light, fresh colors like white and blue to make your home inviting and evocative of relaxation. But you also want to keep it neutral so that the breathtaking view is the focal point. You don’t want your décor to take away from the simplicity of the ocean and all the natural beauties right outside your door. Ultimately, the most popular color combination is white, white, and more white. But have some fun by adding a light-patterned wallpaper or some blue pillows and bed covers. What truly brings out the best in your beach home is lots of light, open space, and the skyline.

A neutral-colored living room overlooking the ocean

Your beach house will shine with natural materials

When your home is so close to nature, it invites as many natural materials as possible. Leave the glitz and glam for your city home. This is where you should feel relaxed, comfortable, and connect with the outdoors.

  • A very popular trend is rustic-style wooden furniture, especially the dining table. This gives your home a nice, cozy, no-fuss feel.
  • Bamboo furniture is another cool feature that fits in well with the beachy style.
  • Water-resistant materials are a must in your beach home. From your floors to the furniture materials, you want to make sure that this aspect of your daily life is hassle-free. Use water-resistant laminate instead of tile floors for a more natural feel and look.
  • Slipcovered furniture is a cool DIY home decor hack that will make your life so much easier. The covers are easily washed, so you do not have to worry about getting them wet or stained.
  • Seagrass or straw rugs are simple, and they are not flashy. They are low maintenance, easily replaced and cleaned, and undeniably go with the earthy, clean aesthetic of a beach house.

Nautical theme décor and shells

They may be cliché, but almost every beach house has them, and they will hardly ever go out of style. They make sense because of the setting—naturally—and above all, they are fun. The key, of course, is to not overdo it. Keep it simple and throw in an item here and there. If the wallpapers are covered with anchors and seagulls, it might be overkill. A glass bottle with some sand in the kitchen is a nice touch, some blue vases, and a large seashell on the side table. But make sure to avoid clutter. This home is your place of rest and relaxation, and clutter evokes stress. If in doubt about putting it all together, there is an abundance of ideas online that can help you out.

Two wooden shelves with an anchor painting, a glass vase, and a seashell

Beach house décor on a budget

If you are looking to make some low-budget improvements—fear not. There are plenty of affordable solutions out there that will refresh the look of your beach house in no time. You can never go wrong with white, and a fresh paint job is one way to achieve that on a budget. Your beach home will instantly lighten up and look newer. Visit thrift shops, flea markets, and yard sales for somegreat décor pieces. You would be surprised what amazing gems you can find with just a little patience and some bargaining skills. Also, look up some great DIY hacks online; they will save you money and can be a lot of fun.

Outdoor beach house décor trends—comfort and minimalism

When you are that close to the ocean, you need to utilize every inch of the view to your advantage. There is nothing more relaxing than having breakfast outside with the sound of the waves in the background. And to be able to fully indulge, you need some super comfy outdoor seating.

  1. An all-time favorite is the wicker chairs. You will see these outside almost any beach house. They go with the beach vibe, they are easy to maintain, comfortable, and inexpensive.
Two wicker chairs on a balcony overlooking the ocean
  1. Another outdoor furniture trend is deep-seated furniture. Think oversized armchairs, thick cushions that you can just sink into and relax after a day at the beach.
  2. There is nothing beachier than a hammock overlooking the ocean. Now that is an indulgence to its fullest. Go with the traditional, rope type for the complete island feel or go all out with huge canvas hammocks that you can pad with pillows for extra comfort.

A few final timeless trends

One of the most timeless beach house trends is copper. This material is used for exterior fixtures, roofs, lighting, and many more features. It is very appropriate for the coastal environment because it is durable and low maintenance, and it does not rust. Even if it gets damaged, it is super easy to fix. Another cool feature that brings friends together after a long day at the beach is a house bar. Incorporate a full bar feature in your home, and your neighbors will love you. You can create the perfect beach bar atmosphere in the comfort of your home.

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