How to make your home safer for seniors

Living with elderly people is lovely, but it can also be stressful sometimes. You have to look after them all the time. They can be slow, poorly mobile, or have bad eyesight. There are many ways to secure your home, so they don’t get hurt. That can be expensive for some people, so we advise you to try doing it yourself. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry anymore because we have prepared tips for you on how to make your home safer for seniors.  

Four simple ways to secure your home

There are a lot of methods to make your house adjustable. For example, make sure to declutter all of your rooms and pathways. They can easily trip over the items lying on the floor, especially if they get up in the middle of the night. Put away everything that can be in the way. That can include socks, baskets, kid’s toys, and so on. Another thing you need to worry about is rugs. Always try to prevent them from slipping on the folded corners and falling. Falling can cause serious injuries. If you have a staircase, it has to be secured. Stairs can be dangerous for both kids and seniors! The last tip is to fix your lightning. Get additional nightlights or indoor lamps so they can see clearly at night. They are affordable and will help you to make your home safer for seniors.

well-lit interior

Make changes to your interior

The inside of your home is the crucial part. There are many things to ensure, but with some creativity, you can make it look good! If you have stairs inside your house, you need to get some banisters. Not only can will you make your home safer for seniors, but they can also make your interior look better! With a lot of research, you can learn to make them yourself and save money. We have talked about lightning. Good lighting can help seniors a lot. To improve it, you can put install wall lamps. They can make the rooms in your house look more expensive and luxurious! You can also try replacing your rugs and carpets. You can buy the ones that will stay in place so no one can slip. Consider that a reason to renovate and buy new items for your home. 

Get rid of unnecessary things

Even though some items can’t hurt or harm them, you don’t need them in your house. Once they have retired, they have a lot more time to help around the house. Try convincing them to get rid of some items they won’t be needing anymore. It can help them save space for some other things. Declutter after retirement will help you with rearranging. You can replace the old things with new ones and refresh your house interior! You can go through their closet with them and take all the clothes they don’t need. Don’t throw them out; donate them or give them to someone you know. That way, you’ll have a lot more space for other things.

Tips on how to make your home safer for seniors

There are so many things that are easy to secure, and they will protect seniors. You should protect all of your electric outlets. You can cover them or put something in front of them, for example, a dresser, table, or a commode. If they have a separate room, put everything essential for them in it. That can include:  

  • Medicines
  • Walking aids
  • Clothes and
  • Documentation. 

Their essentials should always be within their reach. Make sure to remove all your knives and other sharp items from the kitchen countertop. As for their bedrooms, it’s not a bad idea to get bedside lamps. Now, if they have to get up at night, they can see better before turning on the main light in the room. Also, put water on the desk next to their bed if they get thirsty or need water to drink when taking medicines.

stair banisters

Best ways to safety-proof your house

If you want every room in the house to be safe, you need to think about all the items that can be harmful. Besides falling and tripping, there are other injuries to worry about. For example, if you have broken plates, cups, or glasses, you should immediately throw them out because it’s easy to cut on them. When it comes to the bathroom, watch out for a wet floor. Wait for it to dry, and then you can let the elderly use it. You should also make the toilet accessible for them and close to their room. If you’re still not 100% sure that everything is secured, then you should go to the store and buy some safety devices!

What are the most reliable safety devices?

If you feel like protecting the eldest is a big responsibility, we have a solution! You don’t have to do everything yourself. There are a lot of places where you can buy safety devices that make your home safer for seniors. Most of them are affordable and will look good in your house. Have you ever considered getting smoke alarms? It’s not only useful for seniors but for everyone. You will know if there is a fire in your home and take precautionary measures. You can buy them a phone or a smartwatch to be in touch all the time. Monitoring devices and kitchen safety devices are also good options. We have mentioned lamps, but something more innovative and moderate is automated lightning. Another helpful device is Amazon’s Alexa device. If they don’t know something and want to look it up, they can use this smart device!

Final comment:

We are aware of the fact that it can be hard to live with the elderly sometimes. You worry a lot, and they need help with so many things.  However, we can all agree that they can make our days more fun and productive. It’s our job to take good care of them just like they did to us. One way to help is to make your home safer for seniors, and therefore neither you nor they have to worry that much. We hope that we helped you to secure your home and make it look even better!

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