4 Ways to add additional space onto your home

When it comes to the space that we have in our homes most of us think that we could use a little more. Whether we want more space for storage or to accommodate a growing family, modern houses simply aren’t as spacious as we need them to be. 

Unfortunately, with house prices as they are, moving to a larger home isn’t always an option. So, making the best use of the space that we do have is a must. When thinking about adding additional space to your home, there are of course the obvious answers that spring to mind. These are extensions, conservatories and even loft conversions. But before you turn to these costlier options, there are plenty of other things that you can do to maximise your existing set-up. 

1. Look at your layout 

Sometimes it can be a good idea to step back and take a look at your living space. The answer to that all-important additional space may, in fact, be right in front of you. Modern sofas are often very large and can really take up far more space than you can afford. Look instead for slimmer suites that will still provide you with maximum comfort but will also give you back some of that vital floor space. Furniture with a dual purpose can be a great way of adding additional cost. Think footstools that have storage space inside, or a coffee table with drawers or a shelf. That extra storage can sometimes make all the difference. While it is true that this won’t make your home bigger, it will make it feel bigger and ultimately gain you more space.

2.Open living

There is something to be said for modern plan open living spaces. They can really open up your home and make it seem much lighter and airier. Making an open plan kitchen diner can really make sense when you are looking to add additional space to your home. This, of course, fits in really well with the modern concept of the kitchen being the hub of the home. And, it works for the more informal dining routines that many families have.


If you have a large garden but are lacking space in your home, then a conservatory can offer you a great way to gain that extra space. We have moved a long way from the conservatory that was too cold in winter and too hot in the summer. Thanks to modern innovations in roofing, insulated floors and energy efficient windows the modern conservatory can provide you with much needed extra space that you can use all year round.

4. Look up

If your loft is full of junk and you need more space, then a loft conversion can be a great way of achieving this. And, of course, it means you can stay in the home you love. If you do decide to go down the loft conversion route, then speak to a number of local companies and see how they can help you to maximise all that space. 

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