New Build Garden Ideas – Garden Renovations

Moving into a new build home, and contemplating on what to do with the garden? The beauty of a new property is that it is pristine and all you are essentially required to do is add the final soft furnishing touches to make the house a home.  

All rooms within a new build home come as a blank canvas giving you complete flexibility on how you wish to design it. This is the same case with your garden, it is an outdoor airy space that can bring wonders to your daily routine and lifestyle. 

Today we are going to discuss some new build garden ideas which you can implement in your garden. No matter how big or small the garden is there is always a way to make use of the space available. 

Before we delve in deeper on new build garden ideas here is an overview of what topics will be discussed: 

  • Garden sizes 
  • Garden buildings – what is on the market 
  • Create a theme in your garden

Garden Sizes

Gardens come in many forms, whether it is large and wide, an awkward shape or small and narrow. Any style and shape of garden should be embraced as it is a space that offers more than one may think. Tiny additions can complete a small garden, making it a cosy area to use during a long day after work or for a family social gathering. Water features, statues and outdoor mirrors work very well for gardens with limited space. 

With a larger garden you can utilise the space for a number of purposes, from adding a shed for storage requirements to having an outdoor bar and chillout area for entertaining friends. In addition, the outdoors is a fantastic space for children to discover and explore nature too. Dedicating an area of the garden to a play area allows everyone within the family to make use of the garden. 

Garden buildings – what is on the market 

There is more to a garden than adding a small patio dining set or pop up parasol in the garden during the summer months. Have you ever thought about designing your new build garden for year-round use? With a new home and expenses going out, you may not be in a position to spend as often, but there is nothing to stop you from going out to the garden. 

Garden buildings – log cabins, garden offices, gazebos and more! Investing in a garden room is the perfect way to expand living and working space. Depending on your family and lifestyle a log cabin or garden office can immediately provide you with an extra room for whatever requirements you have. 

You can never have enough space, but if you don’t need an extra room within the house, garden structures are decorative features that can bring your garden to life. Adding character and colour to the garden is important to any home, as the vibrancy will uplift the mood and positive energy. 

Timber gazebos offer a sheltered space for a hot tub or outdoor seating area. Whereas a pergola is a statement piece that provides partial shade and shelter, however overall is a structure to add style. Opting for a timber structure gives the garden some colour from the natural timber, without it looking out of place. Warm garden lighting, climbing plants or hanging baskets makes the framework stand out more – day or night. 

Add a theme to your garden

Introduce a theme to your garden with or without a garden building. Adding a custom theme will transform the garden space and make it even more enjoyable as it will be personal to you. 

Potential Themes 

A pub theme – Turn a trip to the local pub and short stroll down the garden by creating a pub shed at the bottom of the garden. 

Holiday retreat – It is not always possible to get two weeks out of hectic lives for a holiday, therefore making the back garden into a relaxing escape will mean you can be on holiday everyday. Embrace the beautiful nature and snuggle up in a log cabin or under a gazebo with your favourite book or drink. 

Alfresco Dining – Everyone loves a spot of lunch or dinner outdoors with a view. Make the most of the view your garden has to offer and enjoy the company of your loved ones in the evening or over the weekend. 

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