5 High-End Home Decor Ideas On a Budget

It’s possible to enjoy home decor that looks like it cost much more than you actually spent. Try to step away from trends and focus on classic pieces. Simple styling with luxurious touches will stand the test of time and cost less than chasing the latest craze.

5 High-End Home Decor Ideas You Can Get Cheap

Add Luxury

A simple way to make a room feel luxurious is to make it plush and comfortable. Instead of a simple chair, enjoy the chance to settle into an armchair with a pretty pillow from Ikea with a velvety throw from Target. You can save dollars on these items by putting in the time to choose just the right color and wait for things to go on clearance.

Old World Styling

Visit thrift shops, yard sales, and the Habitat ReStore. Keep an eye out for anything made of real wood. Open dressers and take a look at the construction. If drawers slide easily and you can see that the joinery at the back is in good shape, you should be able to get a lot of use out of the piece. To get the best products at thrift stores, buy them when you see them and arrange delivery later. To get the best prices at yard sales, stop by late in the day. Often, people hosting a yard sale will do anything just to get things hauled off. You may get a great bargain. Bring cash and don’t ask people to hold things at yard sales.

Customize Your Treasures With Fabric

Furniture at flea markets can be a challenge, but they’re a great place to find fabrics. If you have pillow forms but want some colorful, exotic covers, look for scarves or tablecloths at flea markets. Antique shops can also be wonderful sources of fabrics that have stood the test of time, though you may have to pay a bit more for anything that shows handiwork, such as embroidery or cross-stitch.

Displaying Art

When you check out photos of high-end homes or stroll through self showing homes in Edmonton, one of the most obvious features of the high-end design is that it’s simple. One end of a room can be made elegant with a single wall hanging. Try to create focal points that draw the eye when you decorate your space. A simple table with a single vase of flowers can beautify a dining room. Adding candles and pretty dishes will make things look cluttered. Estate sales and moving sales are a great place to look for decorative pieces.

Furniture You Can Upgrade

Keep an eye out for furniture that has a finished wooden frame and replaceable cushions. A dirty, dingy couch at a thrift store is likely unsalvageable, but an armchair with good bones that just needs new cushions is manageable. When shopping for replacement cushions, look for multiple densities. A seat cushion should be firm, while a back cushion will need a bit more give. If you have a sewing machine and a sense of adventure, look for sturdy fabrics away from the upholstery fabric aisle. For your first projects, avoid anything that has an obvious pattern. A sturdy corduroy is a great starter fabric for making your own furniture cushions.

Once you find a wonderful second-hand piece, clean with care. Most old china will need to be hand-washed. An old chest of drawers or other furniture pieces may need a restorative oil or wax applied. If you find framed art that appears dim or dirty, you may need to take the glass off and clean away the residue of dust or cigarette smoke. Go slowly and use the simplest cleaning products to gently restore your new treasure.

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