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Top 5 Interior Design Tips to Update Your Home

If you are thinking about how to update your home but, like many people, have a limited budget then take a look at these tips from an interior designer friend. None of them will cost too much (although your actual choice of products will, obviously, affect the price) and, just as importantly the changes will not cause too much disruption to your life.Some of the best tips are about combining patterns, texture and colour through the use of fabrics and distinctive artworks.

For some projects you will have to declutter your home or, at least, the room you are updating to be sure the redecoration runs are smoothly as possible.

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Shelving Options for the Living Room

When it comes to the living room, we can often feel that we have fallen out of love with the space that we have. All too frequently, we find that we have too many...


The Hygge living room – how to achieve it

Hygge – pronounced “Hoo-ga” is a word that is incredibly hard to translate into English. It embodies warm cosiness, conviviality and contentment. It is possible the word derives from the same root as the...


Bedroom bugbears and how to solve them

Modern houses are smaller than we might like which means that unfortunately, storage can often be a problem. One room that can, unfortunately, be lacking in space is the bedroom. Whether it is the...

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How best to make your home stylish and still pet friendly

Dogs are man’s best friend, and cats make great hot water bottles but, let’s face it, houses with pets can sometimes become a little overwhelmed by their non-human residents. Hairy animals have a tendency...


7 ways to use chrome in the modern home

of shine and sparkle. First used in furnishing in the 1920s, in modern décor schemes it provides clarity of form that blends ideally into a low-clutter way of living. Chrome is incredibly versatile and...

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Flooring Options for the modern lounge

The sky is the limit in terms of personal choice and taste in decorating your home. And, this extends to flooring too. The earliest homes had dirt floors that fulfilled a purely practical purpose....

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Creating a study nook in the small home

In this modern age where technology has us switched on 24/7. The lines between home and work/education are not as distinct as they perhaps once were. Many of us bring our work home with...