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His and Hers Bathroom Design – What to Include 0

His and Hers Bathroom Design – What to Include

Moving into your first home together is an exciting time. It’s only natural that you will want to put your own stamp on the place. For many couples moving in together for the first...

Innovative Ideas to Create Extra Space 0

Innovative Ideas to Create Extra Space

Hand on heart, can you honestly say you have enough space in your home for all your belongings? It seems that no matter how big a house you live in there is always a...

Conservatory or Extension – Which is Best for Your Home? 0

Conservatory or Extension – Which is Best for Your Home?

No matter how much room you think you have in your home there can come a point, especially as your family grows, when it can feel like you simply don’t have enough space. Moving...

Kitchen Layout options for the Modern family 0

Kitchen Layout options for the Modern family

When every minute counts and you’ve got filthy fingerprints tugging at your trousers and a military operation to complete before bedtime, being able to use your kitchen to its full potential requires careful planning....


Choosing lighting for small rooms

As any interior designer will tell you, small rooms can be tricky to work with. Not only do they lack space, but they can also lack natural light. There are, however, some really good...


Stylish Options for a Bedroom/Office

The last couple of years has seen a dramatic rise in the number of employees remote working. Employers are now responding to increased demands for a more flexible working environment and hours. If your...

study space 0

How to Create a Study Space at Home

  Having a study space in your home could be counterproductive as well as productive depending on the way you go about it. Since the home is basically meant for relaxation, fun, play, convenience...

How to Make Your Hallway More Inviting 0

How to Make Your Hallway More Inviting

Your hallway, the first room that visitors to your home see, can make a lasting impression. So, it is important to make sure the impression it does make is the right one. After all, it...

amazing kitchen 0

10 Kitchens To Die For

While I was putting this list together of the best kitchen designs I’ve seen lately one think that struck me was how many kitchens are actually quite boring to look at. I hope the...

Home Improvement Blog 0

Top 5 Interior Design Tips to Update Your Home

If you are thinking about how to update your home but, like many people, have a limited budget then take a look at these tips from an interior designer friend. None of them will cost too much (although your actual choice of products will, obviously, affect the price) and, just as importantly the changes will not cause too much disruption to your life.Some of the best tips are about combining patterns, texture and colour through the use of fabrics and distinctive artworks.

For some projects you will have to declutter your home or, at least, the room you are updating to be sure the redecoration runs are smoothly as possible.

beautiful windows 0

4 Living Rooms With Beautiful Windows

Good light is one of the most important aspects of any home, which is why interior lighting schemes are a major part of any interior design project. The right light can completely change the ambience and bad lighting can detract from an otherwise well-designed space.

But just because we can create beautiful lighting artificially doesn’t mean we should neglect the natural light entering our homes and maximise it where we can. Here are some of my favourite room setting with wonderful windows that bring in as much natural light as possible. Even if the windows in your home are not as large and beautiful as these you can still improve the levels of natural light either with appropriate window dressings or by the more drastic measure of increasing the size of the window openings. These images might just inspire you to do that…

preparing your home for guests 0

Preparing Your Home for Guests

Ever invited someone to stay with you and felt a huge rush of panic the moment you remember the state the spare room is in? When you realise you forgot that several ‘car boot ready’ black bags, a spin bike, ten unopened boxes from the house move and a Christmas tree all obstruct anyone from even getting more than half a foot into the room, let alone staying in it.

What you probably want to do is slap those marigolds on and get waist deep in cleaning and tidying the room right now. But it needn’t be such a panicked affair.

Follow this list of tips to help you calmly and easily get your guest room guest ready