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Top 6 Home Improvement Ideas

Home improvement figures soared in 2021 due to the pandemic due to working from home and furlough. Not only did this mean more people were at their homes more regularly, this also meant that...


Top 10 Home DIY Home Décor Tips

Every homeowner loves decorating the place, which is a lovely retreat for him or her. The home is the place where a person feels at ease and can relax completely. Little changes here and...

Answers To The 4 Most Common Plumbing Questions 0

Answers To The 4 Most Common Plumbing Questions

Over our many years in the trade, we have been asked numerous plumbing questions. From the downright obvious, to the manically thought provoking, we thought it would be handy to compile a list for...

Mans home 0

Is a Mans Home Still His Castle?

The British seem to have a continuing obsession with owning their own home in a way that,s ay, the French or Germans do not. This attitude is often linked to the housing boom that started in the 1980s when local authority housing was being sold off to tenants at knock-down prices and the mortgage market was deregulated. There was a slump (or re-correction) in the housing market in the late 80s but soon we were back on a relentless rise of property prices and more and more people started to view property as more of an investment than a place to create roots and build a home and life.